"Sam Artist" (just under 800 words one-shot fanfic)

There is a lot of posting of Sam stories on fanfiction.net. Below is my take.

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This is where it is located on fanfiction.net Sam Artist


Synopsis: Sam moved to Montreal, Quebec, trying to improve her French language - and painting - skills. Would she encounter a supervillain during her stay? Would she experience a bit of an infatuation too? (The only way to find out of course, is to read this 799-word story.)



Samantha was so enthralled by the city she was residing in, she often lost track of time. Sam had wanted to relocate to Paris for the summer, convinced she would have to learn French through sheer survival. Her parents didn't want her that far away. They settled on Montreal.

Sam's little secret was that she couldn't seem to get an "A" in any of the beginner's foreign-language classes at Beverly Hills High School. Her parents gave in to her persistence of a desire to become valedictorian. Plus, Mandy received "A's" in both 7th grade Spanish and Mandarin. If at the end of high school, people found out why Sam didn't have a 4.0, she would never live it down.

Sam was doing some oil painting outside near the water's edge in Montreal, waiting for her tutor. Her phone hadn't been working well to set up the meeting. She didn't catch his name, due to the static. She was able to convey where she would be painting outside, and during what time of day.

She was losing track of time again as she became absorbed into her latest oil on canvas creation. While she painted a man approached, admiring her work. He said to her "You must be Sam."

She stuttered "H-h-how would you know that?"

"I'm your tutor, Sam, and we're about to start our first lesson."

Sam sized him up, then added "And you are…?"

"Well, my name's Tah... I mean Tabby, like a tabby cat, short for Tah-"

"You don't seem too sure of yourself there, Tabby" Sam replied.


"Ah, so the French lessons begin."

Just then a man with a bull's mask over his entire head ran towards them.

"Samantha, we need to get help. He's a disgruntled former coworker who keeps coming after me."

Sam immediately saw the potential danger to another amateur painter there by the water's edge, so she leaped over his supplies on the ground, and in the same jump, pushed him out of the line of attack. She held him down for a moment to quickly say "Stay down, sir. This will be taken care of."

When Sam peeked up her head from near the other artist a second later, she saw the man with a headpiece in the shape of a bull. He was holding a two-foot-long gun with a bayonet attached.

Tabby looked like he had tripped. He was slowly scooching on his buttocks along the ground. "Sam," he said, "help me too."

The armed man with the mask responded "There is no man named 'Sam' here, there is no person here, there are no police here, that can save you."

Next, he added, "To summarize, this is the end. No more running, former BFF..."

Then he held the bayonet high over Tabby's chest. "It's high time to make you into a rotisserie!"

Sam saw her opening as the masked man was drawing out his kill. Her decision was to go with a judo roll, grab him by the mask, kick the gun out of his hands, and have all this momentum propel him through the air and into the water of the canal below. Easy-peasy.

She got three of the four: performed a top-notch judo roll - check; grabbed off his head piece - check; leveraged him through the air and into the canal's water below - check.

Alright, when he was thrown over the water's edge, he landed on a boat tied up in the canal, then did a 'nautical car-jacking'. Getting three out of my four goals isn't as bad as it sounds. It's a passing grade. Yet, he managed a getaway with his gun. Second thought, this a fail.

Tabby rose from the ground.

"Samantha, he's a supervillain. Wait, I suppose you didn't need to know that... In the meantime, we will consider erasing your-"

"Time for me to relax a bit," Sam said, interrupting. "I've never done hand-to-hand combat before."

He replied "My real name's 'Tim,' er, 'Tom'. It's good you have a fighting instinct."

Sam crossed her arms. "I'm too young to go out for drinks, and can't even drive a car. Still, I have my parent's credit card. I'll buy us dinner, where you'll explain things. One, why you have a supervillain after you. Two, why you can't keep your name straight. We'll finish up with why you're wearing makeup and a well-made wig."

"Sorry, Sam, but I have to get back to my work immediately. I will see you in the future, I'm sure."
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Nice story. Thanks for sharing!
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Did Sam ever have academic difficulties? Did she have a fighting instinct? Who was that Tim, er, Tom?

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