TSUG Arcade Is Working Again on All Browsers

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Apparently, the games in the arcade stopped working at the end of 2020 due to mainstream browsers pulling support for Adobe Flash.  I would like to report that this problem has been solved, and you can again play games in the arcade and submit your high scores on all browsers without problem. 

As far as I know, almost all the same games we had before will play and submit high scores again.  The only big remaining issue is that some games will take longer to load than before.  Just please wait for them to load, and the game will pop up and start playing.  This is due to the fact the website is now using the Ruffle emulator to play these Flash games, which is a workaround for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers that no longer support Flash or Flash games. 

Getting the emulator on the site was thankfully way easier than I thought it would be.  This solution was chosen after trying a bunch of other crappier choices such as telling people to download a Firefox add-on or to use the Pale Moon browser.  Unlike other options for playing Flash, you don't have to do anything because the jscript for the emulator loads automatically through TSUG.  Some of the other options also wouldn't record high scores, but Ruffle will as normal.

Ruffle is still in development and being continually updated.  It actually hasn't reached a 1.0 release yet.  As such, future updates will likely improve how it operates.  Only a few games I tested are running weird on the emulator.  Bank Shooter 2 is one that is kind of messed up right now. Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars plays normally, but some of the text is not loading all the way.  However, this was probably a late-era Flash game, and full support for those later era games are being added later in Ruffle.  Overall, most of the games are operating normally.  Also, I'm sure the games will be able to load faster as well with future updates.

I was concerned last year we we're going to get fucked over by Adobe, Mozilla, etc. on this, but the people making Ruffle thankfully stopped that from happening.  Either way, I was never removing the games after I took hours and hours to reinstall all of them on the new forum software.  I like the games, and they are here to stay.  I really didn't appreciate big tech deciding Flash had to be destroyed because that decision was fucking over niche sites, gamers and internet history.  Not a lot of people were using Flash anymore regardless, so "security concerns" were bullshit.  Removing it in this manner was pure tech snobbery and authoritarianism instead of letting the market decide.  Frankly, Adobe should have just released the code to open source if they hate it so much.  But Ruffle is a good solution, so yeah, I won in the end on this anyways.

One thing I forgot to mention is playing full screen is not currently supported by Ruffle. So if you press on the Play Full Screen button, it won't work.

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