Ep. 136 - Grabbing the Bully by the Horns (Thread Commentary: September, 10 2014)

Okay, I'm going to do a new commentary. This time it will be for the sixth episode of Season 6, Grabbing the Bully by the Horns. Please post any comments regarding this episode or my commentary to this thread! This thread will act as the general discussion thread for this episode.

Running Commentary for Episode 136 - Grabbing the Bully by the Horns - September, 10 2014

I love the specificity of the scary intro scene taking place at a "Hawaiian Island" at 10:12 PM.

Right off the bat, we get the Astroboy/Big Boy (famous mascot of Bob's Big Boy, the burger diner that invented the Big Boy aka the Big Mac despite whatever McDonald's says) robot.

That guy the robot, which now apparently has a geeky voice, went after sure has some girly hair. Looks like 70's hair styles are back in season on TS. Lol

Clover - "Best History of Fashion class in the history of... um history!" Yup, Clover isn't the brains of the group.

Wow, short skirt and long bare Clover legs. Hubba You can see a lot of thigh in some of those frames of her bending over.

The Clover Infinity Looped Ear Rings she invented for class are pretty funny.

And she trips herself with them. Such an Alex move. xD

LOL at Sam's pants with all the pockets. Also there's a nice shot of her butt here! Booty

Clover - "It sort of screams, Hello, I'm a spy in spy jeans!"

Clover - "I need to hit the little spies room and take care of this hair-tastrophe!"

Wow, the rest room has a bouncer. LOL. He says it's a private restroom. Maybe it belongs to Mandy? Mandy 03 Then she can only let Sam in and they can have sex there. Yuri XD

Bathroom bouncer - "Please take your business elsewhere." Wow, that's a pretty crass joke for TS. I like it!

Clover - "Why do you look so familiar?" Because he's dressed exactly like one of those male WOOHP agents that wear a tux with sunglasses?

Mandy comes out with some huge hair and a really strange outfit and explains he's Duke Gatlin, an actor who played a bodyguard in a bunch of movies. Maybe he's a parody of Jason Statham?

In the movie poster, he's bizarrely holding a banana. Reminds me of Nola and the Time Banana. O_O

Mandy - "And now since I'm famous, he's my bodyguard!" You tell them, baby! Heart

Clover called him super cute even though he's obviously way older than her. This is the Clover I love! XD

Clover - "Now that your super cute bodyguard is done being a lean mean bully machine, let me through so I can fix my do!" Jesus, she's talking limericks like a leprechaun. XD

Loved Clover strutting off, very sexy with those long bare legs.

Wish I had higher resolution her so I could zoom in more on Mandy's bizarre get-up. It even looks like she has stripes in her hair now. O_O

Mandy - "I wouldn't expect any of you to understand the pressures of popularity!"

Is it just me or has her male lacky, what's his name, already been written out of the show pretty much? Not complaining! XD

Sam - "Every time I think Mandy can't get any worse, she just gets better at it!" We know you secretly love her, Sam. Tongue Out

Sucked into a pop machine. Not a very original WOOHPing!

I liked how the slide was drawn this time though!

Also a non-suggestive landing. Boo! Nice shot of Alex's legs crossed here though.

Sam - "Jerry, did you have the sardine burrito for lunch again?" The way she's looking at him, it's like they went out to eat together and he ordered that. lol

Oh wow, it was Oinky, Alex's pet pig form the movie, he was hiding in his suit jacket.

So Jerry brought Oinky back. I'm guessing his reintroduction to the girls wasn't a retcon, it happened in this episode. Maybe we were confused because we saw the last two episodes first?

Sam is nervous about the idea of Oinky living with them. Maybe it's because she's a germaphobe?

A hot shot of Clover's bare legs crossed here when she's watching Jerry's screen. Hubba XD

Wow, Alex went chibi and started riding Oinky around like a horse. LOL.

Alex - "Let's go to Alaska!" after they were talking about going to Hawaii. LOL.

The spy suit transformation scene definitely could be longer and more fanservicey. XD

The solar powered heat ray blasting sunglasses gadget sounds pretty promising.

The shoe gadget is named "the Beach Ball Booties." Yeah, that's not a suggestive name at all! Booty

I was going to use a b-plot with Jerry taking care of Oinky in a Alex/Mandy fanfic. Looks like that's ruined now since he's doing the same thing in this episode. lol (Edit: That didn't really happen so maybe I can still use it!)

According to the onscreen subtitles, they're now in "Hawaii." Again, very specific! XD

Wow, why is Sam wearing so much clothing at the beach. They're pretty hideous as well. lol

That's like a 10 gallon hat Sam has on. XD It could double as a boat.

I like that Clover and Alex just start hula dancing for everyone. I wish they would do that for me. LOL.

The tracks on the beach Sam found "don't match any of the local vehicles." They don't look so extraordinary to me. Could be anything with treads.

Wow, now Sam is deducing it's a robot! XD Jesus, what a logical leap.

Here's Big Boy Bot! Based on the title of this episode, I'm going to guess it is operated by some nerd trying to get revenge on the bullies that picked on him in school.

They transformed into some variant of their spy uniforms with bare legs, bare arms and Roman soldier style sandals. O_O

Wow, the spies jumped on surfboards and are using them to surf through the sand to chase the robot that is targeting some blonde guy. I'm pretty sure surfboards don't actually work that way. But I guess they're moving so fast it supposedly does? TS physics at work there.

Sam called him "Mr. Roboto." Nice Styx reference there. LOL.

Yeah, the guy inside the robot has a seriously nerdy voice. He even called them "ladies" like Arnold did before I think.

Clover is missing "a great luau and hunky ukulele music" because of him.

The robot's point of view was on a woman's butt for a second. You can definitely see some ass cheek in this part. Booty

Big Boy Bot picked up the blonde guy and threw him in his metallic backpack. LOL.

Alex - "That's what he thinks! Ding, ding! Time for round two!"

Sam - "The beach ball booties!" Oh, I'd like to help you with your beach ball booties all right!

The "beach balls" produced from the booties were more inner tube shaped than beach ball shaped. Just bizarre! LOL. Maybe this pervy (and great) joke is only part of the English version?

They did some really weird three way aerial martial arts move where they jumped in the air, got together and started spinning so fast they like formed a mini-tornado almost due to the spin factor . This was really strange. It didn't even involve a gadget!

Sam - "Never give up and never surrender! Let's bring it, girls!" Sam is such a ham.

Kicking and punching a big robot isn't going to be very effective, but Alex did manage to knock off his ear.

Big Boy Bot - "Now here's one from page one of the bully handbook!" Please tell me he's going to give Sam, Alex and Clover wedgies. Angel

Nope, it was "eat sand!"

Now he's spinning into a giant sand tornado with the girls inside. Yeah, this is not a very physics based episode. XD

The robot makes a convenient exit.

To stop the sand tornado they were still spinning around inside, it looks like Sam used the laser sunglasses gadget to burn it into glass.

Wow, Mandy is the next target! Maybe it is Arnold after all!

They're back at Mali-U, and here comes Oinky!

Alex's baby pet talk to Oinky is ridiculous. lol

You know what I'm suddenly hungry for? Bacon. XD

I like how Mandy's body guard took Alex's smart phone and threw it a million feet because she was accidentally going to take a picture of Mandy.

Bodyguard - "That means you, shorty!"

Shorty wasn't nasty enough of a put down for Mandy according to her. But she did call it accurate!

By the way, she's now wearing some pretty tight pants. Hubba Mandy 4

Bodyguard - "Are we clear for cafeteria?" Shouldn't this be dining hall? It is a college after all.

The latte line apparently is good according to his source. Mandy - "Buh-bye!"

Clover - "Forget about Mandy, Alex, she just got up on the wrong side of the broom today!" This sounds really kinky. XD

Nice, Clover has to drop off Oinky at the penthouse. It was cute how he just jumped right into her arms. xD

Clover wants Oinky to stay away from her "expensive facial mud cream."

Okay, Big Boy Bot has Mandy in his sights!

That beehive hairdo Mandy currently has is crazy!

Big Boy Bot - "Mandy, you are the last one I have been seeking!" Mandy - "Of course you have! Everyone wants to hang with Mandy even the losers that play hacky sack in the quad!" Damn straight! Heart

Mandy doesn't have enough time for this, she has an appointment for a very expensive pedicure!

Her bodyguard is going to take on the robot!

He wants to do his line again, because he really didn't feel it as an actor. XD

And the robot tosses him into space!

Mandy is still indignant and not the least bit intimidated. Oh how I love her! Heart Mandy 4

And he uses a mechanical tentacle to throw Mandy right into his mechanical backpack. I guess this makes this one of the episodes where Mandy gets tentacle action albeit short. XD

Clover hears Mandy screaming and is concerned. Does she not recognize that angelic voice? Heart

She uses the headphones gadget to hear Mandy, and she now knows she needs to rescue her. She seems upset about this, but I think it's a front. Xd She likes the idea of rescuing her! Let's see how Sam responds.

Sam while investigating for Mandy's whereabouts - "Look there's her designer purse, she would never go anywhere without it!" Wow, that's some interesting personal information there, Sam. How did you learn that? She also seems very serious! Sam 4 Heart Mandy 4 Yuri

Now Alex is oinking at Oinky to interview him about Mandy's disappearance. x_X

Clover - "What did he say?" Alex - "I have no idea." LOL.

Sam found the tracks of the "Bully Bot." She is shouting at her friends about it in a very serious fashion. This is a TS trope. Sam becomes very concerned when Mandy is in danger! Yuri

Holy shit, Sam is so serious. This is Samandy subtext.

Love the creepy closed amusement park. Something you should know about me, I love amusement parks! XD

Alex - "I'll always miss you, cotton candy..."

The sounds Clover heard on the earphones gadget sound more like dolphins than Mandy and "our kidnapped beach hunk" as Clover put it.

Okay it is them. They were all shoved inside a locker and have their moths taped. Sounds like more bully revenge. LOL. When is Arnold going to make his appearance?

Then again, if it was Arnold, Sam, Clover and Alex would probably know the other two kidnapped people as well. So maybe it's not, and Mandy bullied him somewhere other than Bev High?

Sam in a concerned voice - "And what does Mandy have to do with this?"

Duke is back! And he's complaining about not winning an academy award in the best body guard category.

He refers to the spies as "Mandy-nappers" due to thinking they kidnapped her. Awesome. I wonder if he will put up a good fight. Probably not since he's an actor.

He tries to do a flying kick but flies directly into Bully Bot and probably hurts his nuts.

Wow, Bully Bot made short work of the spies.

And now the spies are officially in bondage and thrown into lockers. So there's your required bondage quotient for this episode.

They're using the hands free mode of the floating compowders in the lockers while still in bondage. LOL.

Bully Bot mentions wanting to get revenge. Sam corrects him by saying the first rule of robotics makes it impossible for robots to seek revenge. A pretty geeky Isaac Asimov I, Robot reference there.

Okay, the villain is "Timmy," not Arnold.

And he was an employee at the amusement park.

According to a flashback sequence, the bullies who messed with him hilariously had Big Boy Restaurant style haircuts. He has one too in addition to the robot but didn't have one when he was being bullied in the flashback.

Wow, holy shit, Mandy is cute young Madonna Mandy from I Hate the 80's in his flashback! Awesome! XDDDD And I love how she sticks the cotton candy on his head. DarksMelo used this design for Wendy, her OC that is Mandy's sister btw. XD

Loved the laugh she did! And I guess it was surveillance camera footage, not a flashback.

Wow, Mandy like head butts the captive guy next to her to get the tape of her mouth. She's so hardcore. Heart

Mandy - "First off, that is not me being mean! That's just me on a Tuesday!" *she spots the spies in uniform* "Second, what is with those lame outfits?!"

I hope this doesn't mean poor Mandy will have to have her memory wiped again. lol

He was bullied by students on a school trip "every day." I mean I could understand if it was longer than that, but that can't be too many days.

Alex - "That's terrible!" It really wasn't that bad, give me a break

Clover - "Mandy, have you ever not been a total Mandy?

One thing that wasn't covered in his back story reveal was how he has the technical knowledge to build a bully mecha. In the video footage flashbacks, all he is shown doing is serving slushies. Maybe they should have had him steal some of the technology from animatronics at the park or something.

Now the spies, Mandy and those two dudes are tied up in bondage in cars for an amusement park ride. The spies in particular are definitely in a classic bondage position. He describes this as a "bully gauntlet." Let's see what it entails. XD

Wow, the two guys next to Mandy in her cart got wedgies. Why couldn't Mandy get a wedgie too? ;_; That was a definite cop-out moment. LOL. She seems to be enjoying the ride though.

The next obstacle was a shoe kicking machine, and that is followed with flying bubble gum bubbles. Clover is terrified of getting gum in her hair!

And the spies are covered in gum now. Alex seems to think it's a good flavor.

Mandy got gummed pretty bad too. I wonder if this is a fetish somehow? LOL.

Love the oldschool roller coaster!

I'm going to guess at the end of the drop is a toilet bowl or something.

Nope, it's a big pool filled with slushy to reenact his tortured past. LOL.

Clover - "Fear not, Sam, I have just the fashion accessory to end this not so fun house!"

So she uses the ridiculous ear rings she made to lasso and hit the freezing gadget on Sam's wrist she couldn't reach due to the bondage. (BTW, there's some nice angles on Sam's lower half during this scene and slightly before.)

Sam - "Gotta love those Clover Infinity Loop Earrings!" They break out of the ride car after the lap bar is frozen by Sam's gadget and broken.

I guess they would have drowned in the slushy if they didn't escape. I suppose that's sort of menacing. LOL.

Ouch, the robot clicked the buttons on his arm and Mandy's ride car was kicked. Looks like she's in danger!

Alex volunteers to "stop the gauntlet" to save Mandy. Should have been Sam! Lost opportunity here! Although, Sam does say she thinks the suit is controlling the gauntlet, so maybe this isn't anti-Samandy if chooses to fight the robot instead. Alex is also quickly taken out by a floating gum bubble.

Sam - "Let's make slushy out of him, girls!"

The robotic tentacles that come out of the robot to attack them are pretty Dr. Octopus-esque. This also reminds of a certain TS hentai artwork from a while ago. Angel

The robot has some pretty good moves. Overall, this fight scene isn't bad! There's a nice sense of suspense too.

Uh oh, Mandy is going to get slushied. You better do something, Alex!

Alex somehow uses the floating bubblegum bubble she's stuck to to knock down and ensnare the robot.

Wow, that was pretty awesome! She shot the laser beam from her glasses at the house of mirrors, it bounced back, hit her bubblegum bubble and caused it to explode and melt everywhere.

Timmy via the Bully Bot - "No wait, this suit wasn't designed to withstand slushies of this magnitude!" But he's covered in bubblegum, not slushy? O_O Okay, I think this was a script to animation inconsistency. He says this before the spies use the bubblegum to lasso him into the slushy pool.

Timmy via the Bully Bot - "My beloved vengeance!"

I have no idea why the amusement park starts to explode after the suit gets thrown in the slushy and its circuits get fried. More bizarre TS logic!

Mandy is saved from the slushy drop, but not by Sam. Boo!

Duke quits after getting yelled at by Mandy for not protect her. Good! She deserves better, jackass!

Duke - "I'm going back to pretending to be a bodyguard in the movies! It's way safer!"

Mandy - "You can't quit, you're fired! Come back here so I can fire you!" Duke runs away and Mandy goes chibi chasing him.

Poor Mandy is sucked up by the WOOHP chopper. Jerry says he's going to erase their memories. God damnn't, how many times has poor Mandy been subjected to this so far? It must be at least 4 episodes by now.

Alex says she wants Jerry to make Mandy forget to be Mandy after Sam suggests using the memory wiping machine to make the bullies stop being bullies. Fuck you, Alex! Sam laughs too. X_X Boo!

Alex finds cotton candy floating in the air and goes into a bizarre chibi mode while devouring it. Scary. LOL.

Wow, Trent is in the episode after all. Right at the ending. Damn it! I was hoping he was retconned already!

She doesn't want Trent to drive her in the Mandy Kart and is walking and pissed off! She looks so hot! She can't seem to remember why she's not in the mood for karts, but it's obviously because her memory was wiped. Seems to be some trace of it left though.

Mandy encounters Oinky. Strangely, he's wearing sunglasses and a black jacket. Yes, a pig is dressed like that.

Mandy - "What is that pig doing wandering the dorm?!" This is the dorms? O_O There's also lockers on each side of them that students are getting stuff out of. This is so bizarre. Is college in France like this or something? My college certainly didn't have lockers like a high school. I think she says dorm, but maybe I'm mishearing it. It almost sounds like she says door. But this is definitely like a school building where classes are held, not a dorm.

Okay, Oinky is dressed like that to make fun of Duke because he's their new body guard. LOL.

Nice anime-esque scene of Mandy getting pissed off with red lightning in the background before she goes chibi.

Oinky looks ridiculous in his outfit during the fadeout.

And the episode is over!


I felt this was a good but not extraordinary episode. Good parts? Lots of Mandy, barely any Trent, funny body guard character, Oinky, a cool robot and good fight sequences. Bad parts? Predictable plot, semi-weak villain (minus the robot of course, which was cool) and some really bizarre loose logic in this episode. However, "TS logic" is par for the course. Overall, the good definitely far outweighs the bad here, so I'm giving it the thumbs up!

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