Voting Ballot for the Return of the Matchmaker Totally Spies Fanart Contest

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It may be hard to believe, but it's finally time for the Return of the Matchmaker Totally Spies Fanart Contest to conclude!  After the creation of randomized pairings, two rounds of entries and a like so not chill 2020, it's finally time to choose the winners from the amazing pieces of fanart that were entered into this contest!

How to Vote

To vote, send me a private message with your voting ballot.  Your voting ballot should consist of votes for 1st through 4th place selected from the submitted entries.  For example, a completed ballot should look like this:

Quote:1.  A
2.  C
3.  F
4.  E

Choose From the Following Entries on Your Voting Ballot

Entry A

Stella x M.O.M. (setting: hot tub) by Katira Moon


Entry B

Mindy x Mandy (setting: nude beach) by BradleyEx


Entry C

Sam x Geraldine Husk (setting: WOOHP jet cabin) by Nextstopplease


Entry D

Bertha Bombshell x Dominique (setting: WOOHP gadget lab) by jettmanas


Entry E

Phoebe x Bozette Slapstick (setting: tunnel of love) by jettmanas


Entry F

Clover x Muffy Pepperidge (setting: Tokyo love hotel) by slime


How Your Votes Are Counted

Your 1st place choice will receive 4 points.  Your 2nd place choice will receive 3 points.  Your 3rd place choice will receive 2 points, and your 4th place choice will receive 1 point. 

Artists who submitted fanart to the contest, however, will only give out half of the above total points to their choices, including their own entries, to help even out their influence on the vote totals. 

The ranking for 1st through 4th place will be determined by the most points.  The remaining two non-placing entries will be given a Runner-Up ranking.

Length of Voting Period

Voting will be open for one month but may close earlier depending on the number of votes received.  If I receive enough votes early enough, I may close the voting earlier.


1st through 4th place can receive a mysterious mystery prize to be revealed with the contest results by sending me a mailing address by private message.  Those artists, as well as the non-placing entrants, will also have their pieces featured in a Fanart Contest Winners section of the gallery (that will be re-added after the contest concludes).  1st place will also be featured in a portal block on the front page of TSUG.
Good Luck!

Thank you to all our fantastic fanartists for your amazing entries!  I know this has been a long journey, but despite how long this contest has been open, I think it has been one of our best.  Good luck to you all!

Hey, thanks for wrapping it up. Votes sent.  Glad

You're welcome. I promise the next contest won't have these kinds of delays, but I think it turned out really well anyways. Lots of great art.

It's been about a month since I posted this, and I still only have received two ballots from users.  Need more votes.  Also I think some of the entrants aren't even aware this is being voted on because they haven't returned yet.  Don't really want to do another delay, but getting like three or more votes would be nice.  Either way, this is at least getting pushed out for another week.

Just counted the two ballots. There's a tie for second place. If someone would be so nice as to send in a third ballot, that would break the tie so I can end the contest.

Okay, I've got 4 votes, which is much better than 2. I'm not going to do the contest results until Thursday or Friday due to my schedule. So you can look for it after St. Patrick's Day I think.

Nice, thanks for the info.

Well, the screen I was using as a monitor just decided to die today. I don't know what's wrong with it, but maybe the power supply is shot. It's 7 years old, so it's junk now. I don't know how much of a set back this will be for getting this done today, but we'll see. lol

Thanks for the info. Hope it goes well.

Just want to say I've had a busy past few days in addition to computer problems (with losing my monitor), but I'm working on getting the contest results published. Going to stop giving estimates for when that will be, but you'll see it on the news section of the portal when it happens.

Please discuss the results of this fanart contest in this news thread.

This thread will now be closed.

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