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Going to do another episode commentary! This time it will be for the seventh episode of Season 6, the Wedding Crasher. Please post any comments regarding this episode or my commentary to this thread! This thread will act as the general discussion thread for this episode.

Running Commentary for Episode 137 - The Wedding Crasher - September, 11 2014

Like the previous episode, we are treated to an opening scene in a very non-specific location. This time it is subtitled as an "English Palace" at 8:12 AM.

I think this music actually appeared in a different form in Season 4. I do have an MP3 for it from Totally Spies radio I believe.

Nice design for the U-Haul. It's very authentic looking.

Okay, a mysterious crate has been left behind. What's inside? Could it be a velociraptor? Maybe the evil man eating snow creature from Creep Show? I guess we'll find out soon.

Okay, it was a wedding dress that appeared to cut itself out of the box with some kind of saw? Scary. LOL.

And the spies are at "the Groove." A classic Totally Spies backdrop.

I just want to mention I'm going to assume this is the episode mentioned before that parodies the royal wedding. I'm really sick of the royals by the way, especially now we have to hear about a second baby coming. Ughhh.

Clover mentions a "fully equipped luxury yurt." I know what that is thanks to Call of the Wildman. It's a kind of big tent used by pretentious hippies for camping.

I guess Sam is shopping for gifts, and they are giving her ideas.

Alex suggests a "digital soccer ball." Is this a totally made up item? Maybe it isn't. I think I heard about a soccer ball that keeps score somewhere before.

Alex also suggests a "double-decker designer dog bed." How is the dog supposed to climb the ladder shown in the cut scene to the second bunk? Maybe a can could do that, but I don't think a dog would.

She's shopping for her parents. Maybe an anniversary gift? Are they renewing their wedding vows or something?

Okay, it's their 20th anniversary. Sam is upset because they already own everything. She's rich as dirt.

The cut scene form Sam's imagination shown at this point is the first shot we see of Sam's father and her parents together. Gabby still is closer to her Season 4 design. She looks very much like Sam. Sam's dad has a tan goatee and mustache. There are also what I would assume to be other relatives surrounding them, giving them gifts for their anniversary.

Nice quasi-fanservicey shot her of Sam sitting on the ground with her legs up. Nothing major, but hey, this is the kind of thing I mention in these commentaries. xD

Cute close-up of an excited Clover there. Wrothy of a screenshot.

Clover is freaking out over a "personal mani-pedi robot." It's pink and has four arms. Again, this is reminding me of the 80's cartoon, Beverly Hills Teens, with how robots are strangely integrated into the lives of rich people.

Sam says she bought the robot for her parents last year. x_X

Wow, that stretch limo was doing some pretty crazy drag racing moves. I'm guessing it's going to WOOHP them or something.

The W on the front license plate is corroborating my theory!

Clover - "Do you think it's a celeb in the midst of some kind of shopping emergency?"

Some kind of big metal vacuum thing just came out of the sun roof. Have a nice WOOHPing, spies!

Alex - "It's not a celeb 9-1-1! It's a WOOHP 9-1-1!"

Wow, it only WOOHPed them to the backseat of the limo. I was expecting them to go to Jerry's office through "TS physics."

I don't know why, but seeing them in the backseat of the limo with their short skirts, etc. is pretty sexy. Must be all those adult videos filmed in such a location. XD

Jerry is the limo driver of course.

But yeah, Sam, Clover and Alex do have nice legs. Hubba Love Clover and Alex's boots. Sam also looks good in her sandals. Her midriff is also exposed. Good combination!

Another shot of Gabby and Sam's dad from Sam's mind. He looks kind of like Richard Branson. The presents over their heads with question marks on them are reminiscent of Super Mario Bros.

High profile weddings are being attacked. Jerry shows them a video Clover identifies as the "Kim Starsmashian wedding." Obviously a parody of Kim Kardashian. I wonder if Clover has seen her sex tape as well? LOL. Jerry doesn't know who she is.

Due to a back shot in this scene, we can see that Alex has a heart design cut out of the back of her top. Cute and sexy!

Clover apparently loves Kim Starsmashian as "only like the most famous socialite in the whole wide world." She also has a magazine cover with her on it to pull out at random. This version of Kim Kardashian appears to be a bit darker in skin tone that the real one. Her groom also had a very similar appearance strangely in the video.

Alex - "And the prettiest!" A sign of her bisexuality? LOL. She also says Kim creams her face with diamond dust. I don't think that would be good for your skin actually. XD Even the tiniest particles are very sharp and hard.

LOL, and now Sam is saying the rock on her ring was discovered on the moon. XD Gotta love the over the top TS parody.

And she met her husband, who is an astronaut, on the moon as well.

Clover - "Can you say groom-tastic?!"

Alex randomly says, "Totes!" Definitely valley girl speak, but I don't remember them using this one too often in previous seasons.

Clover observes that Kim's wedding dress was very strange because as she says she knows fashion and has never seen anything like it before. Obviously, it's the dress from the beginning of the episode that ties into the villain plot. I'm guessing it's some woman who is bitter about being left at the altar or something and wants revenge.

Super sexy shot of Sam's legs crossed here in the back of the limo.

The dress came from "a non-descript warehouse in the garment district in Paris" according to Jerry. Obviously, we're going there next.

The dresses form the other attacked weddings also came from there. Duh!

Clover - "Oooh, what are you waiting for, WOOHP us already!" I wish I could WOOHP you. LOL.

I like that the gadgets came out of the floor of the limo. I approve of this debriefing scene, because they actually spent the time to do something different and use different artwork for it.

"The Drill Heel Boots" gadget is obviously from an earlier episode. The "Infrared X-Ray Contact Lens," I'm not so sure about, but it may be a variant of something we've seen before. The "Power Tweezer Squeezers" and "Escape from Trouble Bubble Wand" are new though.

Also apparently, the "WOOHP-a-Trois" is going to be available for them at the location. Might be some kind of vehicle. But this is great because it sounds like menage a trois, something the spies are already in. Angel Yes, that's one of the only French words I know. XD

Sam reacting to Jerry saying the WOOHP a Trois - "The WOOHP a what?!" Jerry - "You'll see!" Oh, I'm sure she will! LOL.

And they are WOOHPed right out of the sunroof into the sky. Kind of scary! I don't see how this will get them to where they're going, but TS physics will find a way.

And the WOOHP a Trois is a three way bicycle. This is definitely a sex joke! And since the spies are using it together, it's subtext for their three way lesbian relationship. XD Yuri I love TS! XD

On the bike, Clover suggests getting a painting of them impressionist style and hanging it in the Louvre (famous French art museum, it houses the Mona Lisa). Sam says she got that for her parents two years ago. O_O

LOL at them almost running over a dog.

And there's a background music version of the Season 6 theme song in this scene.

Now all three of them are walking around with a crate over them like in a cartoon. I guess this is a cartoon, but you know what I mean! LOL. It's also a Solid Snake style spying strategy. XD

Great up angle shot of Alex's booty and part of her crotch area here from inside the box before she uses the Drill Heel Boot.

More TS physics with how quickly they drill from outside the building and into it with the boot. LOL.

Clover looks pretty sexy with the red eyes after she puts on the contact lenses gadget.

She uses the lenses to find a hidden room and the button to open it. This was actually a believable use for a spy gadget.

They find a secret design studio where someone is developing "high tech" wedding dresses.

Sam found a list of all the people who received the dresses on the computer. Another plausible spying technique. It's bizarre how Sam gets giddy about the idea of going anniversary shopping again if they solve the case though. lol

Clover discovers that the last dress was shipped to the English royal palace. Ding, ding, ding. I got that one right.

I don't know why TS had to jump on the royal wedding bandwagon though. It was bad enough when My Little Pony did it.

They tripped the alarm and now they're being attacked by a killer sewing machine! It's shooting pins at them. This is actually pretty cool! Nice sense of danger as well.

Nice slow mo bits with them jumping over the flying pins. There's a shot of Clover's bum if you slow it down a bit.

Alex just threw out a, "Cha!" Classic TS valley girl speak.

Sam - "Don't worry, ladies, I know exactly what to do to put this rude machine in its place!" Another corny line from Sam.

Wow, I loved Sam's stance with her hips a bit forward as she shoots out the grappling hook from her heart shaped belt buckle. Pretty sexy! Hubba

Next up, a killer fabric steamer!

Now clothes hangers are being thrown at them like razor sharp ninja throwing stars. XD

Pretty nice action sequences there. I liked them using the clothes hangers to propel their selves out of the room.

Nice shot of Sam lying on the floor exhausted. Pretty nice pose, it shows the curve of her bottom from the other direction. XD Booty

Clover - "At least it's not a total bust! All of the wrinkles got steamed out of my uni!" I'm pretty sure that skin tight fabric never wrinkles. lol

Nice to see the Compowder ring tone is still the same

Alex - "We just got attacked by the meanest sewing machine ever!" Jerry - "Bummer!" LOL.

Another freaky Clover chibi. She's on a cloud and has a harp. Bizarre. It's because she thinks she will meet a prince at the royal wedding. Ughhh.

Jerry just got really British and patriotic about it.

Sam - "British anniversary gifts here we come!" Just put a fork in it already, Sam! I'm officially sick of this b-plot. LOL.

I don't understand how they launched off of the roof. I don't think they had on jetpack backpacks! Am I missing something here?

Mysterious person shrouded in darkness - "Trust me, girls, they'll never know what hit them! Hahahaha!" I was right about it being a female villain. Although, the secret dress shop was already a good indicator towards that possibility.

Nice background design for the British royal palace.

And of course there are plenty of those silent Buckingham Palace guards with the big fluffy hats. LOL

Nice cake too.

Clover - "I mean look at all the cute boys! I wonder which ones are royalty! Shouldn't they be wearing crowns or something?"

Like the background music. It's almost like a big band standard or something. Very uncharacteristic for TS.

Clover - "I'll head this way." She then heads in the direction of a boy with long Fabio-esque hair.

I don't remember the ear-coms being included in the gadgets given to them earlier, but they're using them now anyways.

LOL, a random woman shakes Sam's hand and quizzes her in a very fake sounding British accent about whether she's with the bride or the groom.

Sam - "I'm with the *starts coughing* party." Smooth save, Sam!

Alex looks fabulous in her dress she wore for the occasion, and she looks really cute when she goes chibi after seeing the cake and getting hungry for it. xd

Holy shit, she took some of the frosting off of it with her finger and starts eating it! She's nuts! XD

She gets caught with frosting all over her face. LOL. I think these were some of my favorite chibi moments in the entire show during this part.

Clover is still tracking the Fabio guy. Then she finds out he's a waiter and is annoyed about it. So shallow. XD

Clover - "I'm looking for a prince charming, not a blue plate special!"

God, Alex was still chowing down when Clover contacted her with the communicator.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but the title of this episode is obviously a riff of the movie, the Wedding Crashers, from a while ago.

Here comes the wedding party. Looks like it's a princess being married. Maybe she's supposed to be reminiscent of Princess Diana? There's also some more original music here based on familiar tunes associated with the British monarchy.

Okay, correction she's just the bride of the prince. I was thrown off by her hair not being brunette like Kate Middleton. However, she could still be a Princess Di parody due to the fact she married into the royal family.

She's wearing the killer gown. I hope this ends badly. I find the British royal family pretty annoying.

Nice shot of Clover on the ground in a crowd of people. She could look up and see up a woman's dress that's right above her. XD

Wow, holy shit, the inferred contact lenses gadget has an x-ray function. She's looking right through the bride's dress! O_O Unfortunately, she's like wearing granny panties but you can still see her legs. Devil This gadget should definitely be saved for future use. I'm sure Sam would like to use it on Mandy. Whistle

There's also something inside the dress. Can't make out what it is in this resolution clearly, but there's wire framing and some other mechanical devices. Clover - "O-M-G! This dress is majorly decked out with hidden hostile intentions!"

Uh oh, looks like the guard caught her on the ground. Maybe he thinks she's looking up women's dresses. XD

Clover - "Hey, who's getting all gropey?!" after the guard touches her back. Wow, holy shit at that line! O_O! Nice! XD And it's a female guard too! Yuri

Wow, she has an ultra gruff butch voice. And she kicked Sam, Clover and Alex out! XD

Her march is great too! XD

She locked them up in some weird green vehicle.

Actually, I don't think this was a butch guard. It's the female villain posing as a male guard. XD Her threatening line, "That's where you're wrong, princess! You're so going to miss it!" gave it away.

The car she's driving looks like a combination between a Model-T and a tractor.

Alex in chibi form at guard - "For being so soft and cuddly, you sure are crabby!" Yuri

She knocked off her furry black hat and revealed her flowing, curled pink hair.

Clover recognizes her as Wera Van, "the most famous wedding dress designer ever." She looks pretty cute for a fashion designer. Love the anime inspired design! With the hair and the bows, it has a Lolita style quality to it.

Clover asks her - "Is military chic making a comeback or something?"

She says she's here "to cause some chaos." She's obviously gone nutso.

Sam - "Are you the one who weaponized the bride's gown?" Wera in a cute voice - "I sure am!"

I think Wera Van's name is a riff off another fashion designer, but I don't know enough about fashion to remember exactly who.

Wow, this has to be the weakest motivation of any TS villain ever. She's mad because brides only wear their wedding dresses once before putting them in a closet forever. I mean it's not like she still isn't massively successful or anything. And I'd think with how shallow people are in the TS universe, wearing something once would be a plus not a minus. XD

Clover - "Okay, I get the crazy bitter villain lady part, but do the dresses have to look soo over the top? Sometimes less is more, you know what I mean?" Wera - "You try loading electronic weaponry into a wedding gown and have it look good! It's not easy!"

Wera - "The madness has just begun!"

She ditched the car, used a crow bar to hold down the accelerator and they're now heading for a cliff.

Right into the drink!

Alex after trying to break out with the Drill Heel Boot - "This thing is locked tighter than Clover's fifth grade diary!" Wow, I wonder what exploits are catalogued in that thing. lol

Nice angle on Alex there too, but her butt isn't drawn as nice as it usually is.

Clover - "We're about to be swimming with the fishes!" This is a corruption of "sleeps with the fishes" from the Godfather.

Sam is worried about missing her parents' anniversary because of drowning to death. Man, Sam really wants to be annoying in this episode, doesn't she?

Wow, they can sure hold their breath long. How long until they're dunzo? LOL.

Alex used the tweezers gadget to rip off the cage separating them from the front seat and the outside. In the animation, it produced an electrical charge. Shouldn't they have been electrocuted then? LOL. I'm not sure if it's the same in such a large body of water, but still.

Clover - "Those tweezers are sweet! I wonder what they can do with stubborn stray eyebrow hairs?!" This is accompanied with an animation of Clover with a gorilla body using the tweezers on her eyebrow.

Nice sexy shot of Sam crouching in her wet uniform there.

Wedding official in some weird British uniform - "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to..." *is cut off* Wera - "To experience the wonder that is my latest creation! Hahahaha!"

Nice, the wedding dress now has spinning blades on it and is sending her in different directions with Wera's remote control.

The bride - "Don't worry, it's just a minor technical difficulty. Everything is fine!" as wedding guests run away in terror.

I guess they're not blades, but part of the dress is spinning and causing some serious chaos as she's propelled in different directions, breaking things and knocking them over.

Now rockets are shooting out of her dress at everything! XD Awesome!

Clover - "This royal wedding is a royal disaster!" And that was a royal groaner. LOL.

LOL at the prince hiding in fear. XD

The bride - "Charlie, help me!" This confirms they are parodies of Princess Di and Prince Charles.

Prince Charles - "Yes, darling! I'll get help right away!" *proceeds to run away as fast as he can*

Clover - "Whoa, that prince is a total wimp! Cross royalty off my dream boy wish list!" *actually crosses something out in a notebook with a pen*

Haha, now the dress is shooting out an oil slick. This is actually pretty good! XD

Alex - "Uh oh, angry gown headed our way!"

Sam - "And it's time to bubble up... with the Escape from Trouble Bubble Wand." Another groaner. lol

So the bubble gadget just produced a large bubble around the spies that was then bounced away when the killer wedding dress hit them. Makes sense to me! Clover, yells, "Awesome!" while they're being bounced off into to the distance.

Now the wedding dress keeps hitting the bubble repeatedly and making the spies scream in a game of "kick ball" as Wera put it. Very funny!

It eventually hits a pole and pops. Alex - "So much for escaping from trouble!" in a somewhat sexual position on top of the tent for the wedding reception. Clover's in an even weirder position. Clover - "That was more nauseating that riding on the WOOHP a Trois."

Now they're pushing the cake to use it against the dress. I love how they're contributing to the wedding being ruined. Alex is eating the cake while she's pushing it! XD Damn, now I want wedding cake. xD

There's a collision. There's a split screen shot of the three girls flying in the air with white frosting flying at them. Yup, looks like a good old fashioned cum shot. XDDD Angel

Wow, maybe it worked! The bride is now in her undies and out of the dress. She's demanding a refund.

Clover - "Way to bounce that dress into the bargain bin!"

Wera rips off her Buckingham Palace guard uniform to reveal a pink Lolita style dress! XDD Love it! Very kawaii! I know someone who likes to dress up like this. I bet she would like this character.

She presses a button on her dress, and the hemline starts spinning around like the wedding dress. She flies into the air and directs it to hit the spies. Wera - "Sorry, girls, but no one crashes my wedding crash!"

The spies get knocked on their bums.

She's using like a Lolita style chain made out of hearts to whip them. Pretty kinky!

Clover - "Whatever, lady, I haven't met an accessory that has gotten the better of me yet!"

Yikes, she just threw some ninja stars at Sam and Alex, but they somehow didn't pierce the skin and only pinned them to the ground. The ones that hit Sam oddly went near her arm pits. lol

Clover just got the heart whip lassoed around her belly. It's yuri bondage time! Whip Yuri

Clover - "Hey, paws off!" Wow, this is the second time Clover has said something this sexual in this episode. Devil

God, she's dragging Clover to her with the whip tied around her. This is pretty sexy. XD She keeps dragging Clover towards her with the whip, and Clover is moaning on the ground. Hubba Clover - "Uh! Oh!" Whistle

Sam breaks the whip heart chain with a ninja star, and Alex blows a bubble that traps Wera inside.

BTW, I think Wera's first name is a pun based on the fact she's a fashion designer. XD

Clover finally gets out of the bondage. Clover - "Sheesh, I think that thing just squeezed me down to a size two!"

LOL at Jerry in a ridiculous top hat carrying the bubble with Wera inside and just tossing it to other WOOHP agents.

Jerry referred to the WOOHP prison as "the WOOHP Containment Facility." How many different names does this place have?

I like the WOOHP chopper with the dual helicopter blades.

Jerry on a horse - "England is counting on me, and I can't let her down!" with patriotic music playing in the background. Apparently, he's going to gather up the wedding party and fix the ceremony. lol

Jerry rides off into the distance on the horse. Alex - "Whoa, now there's something you don't see every day!" Clover - "Uh, good thing! Seeing Jerry in action like that is way too freaky!" Oh, I've bet you've seen Jerry in action all right.

So Sam ended up buying a Big Ben replica for their 20th anniversary. It kind of looks like a big dildo. XD Sorry, my mind is always in the gutter. Angel But wow, what a crappy gift!

She's in a rush because she needs to put it in a box before their 20th anniversary is over in like one second.

Yup, she missed their anniversary! Hahahaha! XD

Sam imagines a Gabby and her dad's terrified reactions to the crappy gift. Xd Pretty funny!

Now she's talking to them on the phone. Due to the split screen, I'm going to guess they're using the WOOHP a Trois and thought it was her gift to them. Gabby's voice is a bit weird. Kind of wish they would have stuck with the voice actresses for the moms from Season 2. I think they just decided to have the daughters' voice actresses do "mom voices" for them starting with Season 4.

They're on an amphibious bicycle tour of London with the WOOHP a Trois, and some guy is riding in the front seat. Suggestive! XD

Gabby - "You're soo good to us, baby!" Nice phrasing there for her daughter. Yuri

There's a nice animation of Sam's phone going off on her cute little butt. Booty

I'm kind of surprised Sam is using a flip phone instead of a smart phone. Makes me feel more normal since I don't want to buy a smart phone either. LOL.

I guess the guy in the front is Jerry. Sam thinks Jerry is doing her a favor, but maybe there's some funny business going on. It is a WOOHP a Trois after all! XD

Maybe Jerry is trying to get on Sam's good side too if you know what I mean.

Sam then breaks out piles of books to start researching ideas for their 21st anniversary gift. Clover and Alex are rightfully annoyed. When Sam goes and sits on the couch with then, she puts her hand behind Clover. Maybe she's groping her. Angel

And that's all for this episode!


I thought this was a very good episode! I had some reservations due to a royal wedding being involved, but they thoroughly mocked the royals so that's all good in my book. Even the b-plot of Sam looking for an anniversary gift for her parents had a pretty funny conclusion.

Other things I liked in this episode included the cute villain with a fun design, on the nose parody and more weird behavior from Jerry. Best of all of course were some very sexual jokes and lines and a short instance of yuri bondage fun. XD I think this was one of the best episodes I've seen of Season 6 so far!

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