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Okay, I'm back after a bit of an absence and going to do another commentary! For this one, I think I may try to keep the commentary a bit briefer so I can put these out faster, but we'll see how that goes! XD I may just end up making a ton of comments again. LOL. As before, I'm using the English version currently on YouTube that only has the video filling up a portion of the screen.

Please post any comments regarding this episode or my commentary to this thread! This thread will act as the general discussion thread for this episode.

Running Commentary for Episode 138 - Celebrity Swipe! 0 October, 14 2014

Just noticed this, but the opening covers the spies' three majors. Alex - veterinary medicine, Clover - fashion and Sam - journalism.

Some actor guy is being abducted by an extendable robot arm thing in "Hollywood Hills." I'm guessing this is the episode with Captain Hayes since that's his M.O.

Okay, it is Captain Hayes. They made that pretty obvious. And he put the actor in a Cronenberg's the Fly type pod with some weird gas being let in. I'm guessing some kind of transformation will be involved here.

Nice, Mandy is erecting a Mandy statue! Need one of those in my front yard. LOL.

Crap, Trent is in this episode, running the crane. At least Mandy called him loser! I need to keep hope alive for Samandy. Sam 01 Heart Mandy 01 Yuri

I guess they're building some kind of stage.

And the crane almost kills the spies. Simple but funny! Mandy gets a good laugh out of it. Love her laugh!

Sam has another crazy hair style in this episode. WTF? LOL.

Wow Mandy was constructing a cat walk and does a model strut type show for a talent agent. Love this scene! She's so sexy! Hubba Heart I love all her model moves! Music here is reminiscent of Vogue by Madonna.

And the talent agent is impressed, unlike what the spies were predicting!

The cat walk collapses due to Oinky digging under it (weird) and the talent agent disses her. Poor Mandy! Cry

Okay, Oinky was digging up truffles and Alex is surprised to discover he is a "truffle pig." This show is really made by the French. LOL.

I like the fact that they get WOOHPed under Mandy's statue. It's kind of like going under her dress. XD

Sam - "Girls, incoming WOOHPage!"

They're now watching a movie on Jerry's screen with the actor that was abducted before. He's terrible at acting! And according to the movie, his character is dying of a hang nail! LOL.

"Love in a Railway Station" is Clover's favorite movie apparently.

His name is "Rad Smitt." Definitely a parody of Brad Pitt!

According to Clover, Rad's "Sunset Series" of movies also includes "Love in a Gas Station" and "Love in a Subway Station."

The next one was going to be "Love in a Space Station." LOL.

Creepy super deformed Clover there as she's imagining Rad in zero-g.

Spies are super excited to investigate his mansion. Maybe Clover will pillage his underwear like she did with Brock Williams in A Spy Is Born. LOL.

They're given another mood ring gadget. There are sure a lot of these in TS despite the fact I don't think they've been popular since the 70's. lol

"Ruby Red Lipstick Laser." Why not just call it the laser lipstick? XD What's the point of constantly renaming some of these gadgets? LOL.

Liked the WOOHping out this time with the floor just flipping over.

Oh yes, this is the episode where this happens again. They transformed into disguises as male workers with mustaches. This transgender disguise thing is a TS classic form episodes like Green with N.V.

This time they're "cable TV installers." What about satellite TV? Like the fist bump Alex gives Sam. She also says the idea to dress in drag as disguises was Sam's. For some reason I knew that. XD She seems to enjoy it the most and wanted to dress like that to a dance with the other girls as dates in Green with N.V.

He's cheap enough to still be using cable, but also has a laser defense system guarding his house. XD

Sam just did the "hmm" thing that Chelle made a thread about.

Sam is looking at trophies and is discussing his movie memorabilia. Perhaps an inconsistency between the script and the animation?

Clover puts on his bandana and starts seriously sniffing it. Pretty pervy. I think this is close to the Brock Williams' underwear thing. LOL.

LOL at the banana being in a case. This is the second weird appearance of a banana in this season.

The spies are now hiding in a closet in drag. Need I say more? LOL.

Rad - "Who are you, and what are you doing in my closet?"

Sam says she's from a cable company but is going to upgrade his satellite feed.

There's a pause here in the video. I think something went wrong with the ripped video!

Thankfully, it was only a pause and I didn't miss anything since Sam's sentence is completed.

Rad - "I'm the leading romantic actor on Earth, why wouldn't I be okay?" He's acting a bit out of it. His muddy shoes are some kind of clue that Sam picked up on.

The spies' male voices are pretty funny.

Rad - "How can I be missing when I'm standing right here?" LOL.

Clover and Sam get all over him even though they're dressed as guys, and Alex snaps a pic. LOL.

Sam - "Um, we can explain!" after she's caught by the body guard with her hand on his chest dressed as a man. LOL.

Wow, that is pretty good home security, a falling metal door that seems as thick as a bank vault. The bald, huge body guard appears to be evil.

Wow, the buzz saw wrist watch gadget cut right through it even though it looks a foot thick. More TS physics. XD

They encounter Rad's robot side-kick from the film "Space Junk Jams." Maybe a parody of Space Jam? It appears to have gone evil too. XD

Nice that it's a film prop and has real working laser cannons.

Sam hits her butt on the ground here. Booty

Sam - "Eat my super spy dust!" This is a new record for corniest one liner ever from Sam. XD

Wow, it's a fucking transformer too. It just transformed into a more humanoid shape.

With the way Alex hit the robot with the liquid nitrogen breath spray gadget, it looked like she was aiming for his crotch. XD

Nice use of the heart belt buckle grappling hooks here!

Clover while crying - "It was like Rad totally lost his romantic leading guy mojo!"

His signature move that he couldn't remember is referenced by Clover as a hair flip. Sam seems a bit weirdly obsessed with the mud on his shoes, but that is a generic Scooby Doo evidence type thing.

Nice shot of Clover bending over on that car. Booty Hubba

Sam - "Right behind you Clover!" Sam pokes her while she's still bent over. This was actually pretty cute. Yuri

Yay, more Mandy! Mandy 4

She's going to try out for the talent agent again. Mandy - "No thanks to that awful porker of yours!" XDD

God I love Mandy when she's yelling at people! Heart She also does the cute squealing, giggling thing when she sees the talent agent is back and starts frolicking after him.

Talent agent - "I'm looking for a serious actress with serious acting chops!" This should be good.

God, I love Mandy's expressions in this episode. O_O She's so lively here.

Mandy's "acting" is so awesome. O_O Hubba XDDD

And of course Oinky shows up and starts licking her toes. LOL.

Wow, Mandy is going into hyper drive with her Mandy laughs. XD Awesome!

And of course the talent scout gets upset and leaves. Fuck him! Jerk!

Mandy - "Your stupid, lame pig is ruining everything!"

Mandy starts crying and runs off. Awwwww! Cry Sam, go comfort her!

I like that the compowder ring tong hasn't changed in 13 years!

OMG, Jerry calls to tell them that "international singing sensation, Jason Weebler" is the next one to go missing. Obviously, this is going to be a Justin Bieber parody. LOL.

Sam loves his hit single, "Sweetie! Sweetie! Sweetie! Oh!" Yup, it's going to be a Bieber knock-off. Sam's singing is also hilariously off tune.

The third celebrity targeted was a Spanish soccer star, Alesjandro (spelling?). Of course Alex is obsessed with him! Alex describes him as her "majorly hot jock crush." Watch out, Donna Ramone is going to get jealous! I don't know if this is a parody of a real person, because I don't watch soccer!

Alex - "No one can strike it like Sandro!"

Nice, this time they got WOOHPed by a jet flying over head that dropped down a huge tube vacuum.

The subtitle is "Soccer Stadium - Spain." Another awfully specific location. XD

Clover immediately starts getting horny over the guys.

Nice, I like the soccer uniforms they transform into! It's always good when the spies are in shorts. Hubba

Sandro - "No, my lucky ball!" as he's dragged off into the air by some kind of blimp tractor beam. His Spanish accent is hilarious in the English version.

Alex - "Grab those balls!" Nope, I couldn't make this one up. I think Katie Griffin knew this was a funny line as well due to how she shouts it. XD

Nice shots of the girls kicking balls here, but I think they may kill Sandro since he's plummeting towards the ground now.

And Captain Hayes gets him with that grappling hook thing that looks very similar to the claw inside a claw machine (the one where you try to use the claw to catch prizes).

CH is plastered across the blimp. Yup, they didn't try very hard to hide his identity this time. lol

LOL, Sam notices the CH but only thinks it seems familiar. Come on, Sam, you're smarter than this! lol

So much for the Star Wars like holograms of Jerry from the compowder from earlier, he's appearing normally on the screen just like in Season 1.

After the mud is IDed as being from "the Hollywood Hills," Jerry makes a joke about "unearthing more clues." LOL.

Again, an animation/script inconsistency. The shoe print has Rad's initials on them, RS, but Clover explains to Sam that she recognizes the print from examining his shoes in his mansion after Sam says she doesn't believe she could recognize them as his. Duh, how obvious is RS, Sam!

Sam still has the weird hair in this episode even in her spy uniform. Honestly, this isn't her sexiest look imo.

They find a trap door and go to an underground pyramid that turns out to be "a way posh underground mansion." I'm guessing this is where Captain Hayes lives now? Under the Hollywood sign, seems to make sense!

And the Fly pods with the celebs in them are right there, and the spies are once again trapped!

Captain Hayes comes out and explains his scheme is to make himself a celeb because he's tired of only hanging around them!

Alex - "Um, don't you have to be you know famous to be a celebrity?" Captain Hayes - "A mere technicality!"

Okay, the machine steals their talents and gives them to Hayes. Interesting. Very TS plot by the way! This almost seems like a Season 1 or 2 episode.

He does Rad's hair swoosh, and the girls swoon over it. LOL. Wish I could do that! XD

Clover - "You stole Rad's signature move! You monster!"

I don't know what he's going to do with acting chops, a singing voice and soccer moves. Maybe he'll be a crossover celebrity in all three fields. xD

Now's he's singing the Baby, Baby knock off song while posing and doing soccer moves. Very funny!

Sam admits that he's "totally irresistible" now. LOL. But she says she's not falling for it. We'll see!

He thinks they will rename the Hollywood Hills, the Hayes Hills after his mansion emerges from under the ground and he's able to showcase his many talents.

His mansion is going to emerge from the ground. First it was a super jumbo jet and then a huge submarine. What will it be this time? It looked like a glass pyramid earlier, but maybe that's not all there is to it.

The cage the spies were trapped in breaks Sam's buzz saw wrist watch gadget even though it went through foot thick solid steel earlier. She says it's made from a "carbon compound" as strong as diamonds.

And all they did was literally use a second spinning blade gadget made from diamonds to cut through the door instead. This is pretty freaking hilarious on an almost meta level. xD

Funny that the hole was cut out in a heart shape. We've seen that before in other episodes.

Sam and Alex start hitting on Weebler and Sandro after they're released from the pods. Clover gets upset due to them needing to focus and not flirt (which Clover admits is weird for her) and starts poking Sam's ass to get her attention. XD It really looks like this. I don't know if it's the low resolution fooling me, but it looks like she is repeatedly poking her ass. XD

Weird chibi moment for Clover where she's shouting into a megaphone she pulled out of nowhere. LOL.

It's an earthquake. Obviously, the lair is surfacing!

Alex - "Hurry, we have a rising start to snuff out!"

The pyramid is simply being pushed up by some big hydraulics or something. Kind of anti-climatic. The spies are upset about the possibility of the Hollywood Hills being destroyed.

He starts kicking exploding soccer balls at them. XD The spies are able to move out of the way though. Some sexy moves there!

However, his hair flip immediately causes them to start swooning. XDDDD

Distracted, he immediately puts them into bondage with ninja throwing stars!

Alex is still enamored with him even though she says "this show stinks" a few seconds later. He should put those moves to work on the spies! I would. XD All his posing and stuff is quite humorous as well.

The W in the Hollywood sign is pushed over. Hilarious. XD

Sam - "Alex, think you can reach into my pocket and grab the lipstick laser?" Sam just wants to be fondled I think. XDD Yuri

Clover tosses the lipstick up and Sam catches it with her teeth. Pretty sexy move! XD

Clover twists the lipstick in Sam's teeth, and the laser shoots out. Again, this looks nice. Hubba

For some weird reason, the laser shoots a water main that then freezes him. Bizarre! And didn't they have an actual freezing gadget earlier in the episode? O_O Bizarre TS logic! LOL. I guess the water was cold because they're underground, but still, that was pretty weird.

Hayes still trying to sing like Jason Weebler frozen is pretty funny!

Clover - "Way to plunge that loser into super cold obscurity, Sammy!"

Sam then shoots Clover and Alex free with the lipstick still in her teeth. Again, this is hot. Hubba

Okay, looks like the action portion of this episode is over. The pyramid is half crashed through the Hollywood Hills and the sign now reads Hollood. Maybe they should leave it that way? XD

Never mind, Jerry says WOOHP is going to clean it up.

Jerry calls Rad Smitt's acting ability questionable. Ouch. LOL.

Wow, Clover just got all over Jerry when she thinks she can convince him to get her tickets for Rad's next movie premier. God, that bastard is lucky!

Yay, we get to see Mandy again. She gets one more chance with the talent agent. Hopefully, that awful porker doesn't ruin everything for her!

Mandy has her sexy leather pants on again! Hubba Hubba Hubba

She's singing the Sweetie, Sweetie song. Love her off tune singing. XDDD Her and Sam have this in common!

Aww, Mandy is so cute and wants to be accepted as having talent so bad. ;_; But Oinky comes by and knocks off the boombox!

Wish Mandy would lean against me like she's leaning against the talent scout. XD

Looks like Oinky is going to be the one in movies since the talent scout just noticed him!

The talent agent - "Oinky is going to be bigger than Jason Weblier!"

It cuts to a shot of the spies recreating the Abbey Road cover with Oinky in the lead. LOL.

Mandy realizes what's happening and starts crying on the ground and shouting about Oinky ruining her life. Awwwwwww! Poor Mandy! Fuck you, Oinky! Leave my raven haired princess alone! Cry

Okay, I guess that's it. I did manage to make this one shorter than the more recent commentaries, but it took as much time I guess because I'm on the second day of a bad hang over. LOL.


I liked this episode. While it wasn't the best Season 6 episode I've seen so far, I think it held up pretty well. It had a nice early season feel to it, and although there was some repetition with earlier episodes, it still kept my attention throughout!

Highlights of this episode include the return of a great villain, some funny pop-culture parody, more crossdressing and a great Mandy b-plot! While this was probably the weakest of the three Captain Hayes episodes, I still liked it a lot! And let's not forget the one moment that will probably be remembered most in this episode, Alex shouting, "Grab those balls!"

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