The gay fanfic struggle

Hey found this video interesting and it pointed out a problem I have when writing gay fanfics.

It's so true though XD 
I felt so exposed XD like bruh why you calling me out jk jk It was interesting though anyone want the time stamp think it was like: 1:46 

Anyway yeah. He does make a good point. Good writers use context clues for who is talking. While fanfic peeps use Names or their hair color. 

But I think since we're just having fun there's no need to be so uptight about it. Enjoy yourself and write something you're happy with. Smile

On a unrelated note I'm still working out the kinks in the part 3. I swear it's getting there but not what I want yet. Interesting yes but not like.... polished and technically I'm still in draft one cause I don't count revisions until I have a beginning, middle, and end. So it's still incomplete in my eyes. More like constantly under construction until I have the support beams and basic structure up.

I think I disagree. Like it's good to say which character is talking initially, ""Loser!" Mandy screamed at Clover."" You can drop it though after the first exchange if it's an ongoing conversation. While you can try to use context too, it's good to make sure the readers don't get confused. You have to look at it from their view point.

True! I thought of that too. Yeah it is. XD Thanks for your input. I thought it was an interesting subject.
Well yeah we have to say who's talking cause no one is able to see who it is and be like LOL haha

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