Ep. 139 - Super Sweet Cupcake Company (Thread Commentary: April, 29 2015)

Okay, I'm finally going to do a new episode commentary! Sorry for the extremely long break. I've been busy and stuff. Anyways, let's get right to it. Looks like I'll be watching this one in full HD since an HD version of this episode came up on top of the YouTube search!

Remember, this will also act as the general discussion thread for this episode. So if you have anything to say about this episode or my commentary, please respond!

Running Commentary for Totally Spies! - Episode 139 - Super Sweet Cupcake Company - April, 29 2015

I think I like the new theme song more than when I first heard it. It's kind of catchy with the cheerleader like chanting parts. I've probably said this before during past commentaries, but it bears repeating!

Before we get into the commentary, just want to note that the name of this episode, Super Sweet Cupcake Company, reminds me of the infamous Amy's Baking Company from Kitchen Nightmares. Not sure if it's a direct reference though.

This season looks fantastic in HD!

There's a nice little three way hug/glomp at the end of the intro animation.

We're in a Swiss bank, and the bank employee is speaking English.

The cupcake the mysterious old lady hands him looks pretty yummy.

His Swiss accent sounds more German to me.

Yeah, this episode is the one where the Granny comes back. It's obvious. She's robbing a bank with mind controlling cupcakes. Bank robbery is her MO.

Wow, and there's gold bars just sitting inside the bank vault. XD

Cute pony tail on Sam! It's so huge too. O_O

They're at the gym (okay the school's "spa gym"), and Clover is getting flushed while lusting over all the guys. Typical Clover! Clover 4

Yay, Mandy is here! Mandy 4 Too bad Trent is with her. Looks like he's pretty much her traveling servant. He's carrying her luggage.

Those short shorts Trent is wearing ate pretty fruity as well. lol

Alex - "Like whatever, Mandy! Like we have to do anything you say!" Maybe you would like that Alex. Get some S&M on with Dominatrix Mandy. XD Whip

It's weird that there are only three treadmills and they're fighting over them.

Haha, this is good. Mandy turned up their treadmills to a super high setting! XD

One of the versions of Mandy's theme songs is playing! I have this one on MP3.

I liked the chibi Mandy slot machine thing. XD And they get thrown into a spa mud waterfall.

Sam is wondering about what their lives would be like if Mandy wasn't always mean to them. I smell another b-plot in which Mandy is brainwashed into being nice. And you know what that means! Yuri

I think one of the guys in the gym may have been Alex's bf from Incredible Bulk (the Season 3 muscle fetish episode).

If you look in the background, Trent is holding a miniature electric hand fan on her while she's running on the treadmill.

Wow, so they got WOOHPed from a mud bath and into one of those carts that airline stewardesses push that have drinks and stuff inside them. Great use of TS physics here.

That animated hose that came out of the wall in the plane that shot them with water is pretty weird. Makes me immediately think of hentai tentacle stuff. XD

Clover - "Cha! Sweet blow-out!"

Sam - "Looks like a bank doing regular bank business to me!"

The Granny is weirdly blurred out of the images and footage Jerry is showing them, but it's obviously her. Her character design looks pretty close to the Season 5 design.

Looks like they cut down on their boobs and ass this season. At least from these shots in the plane. It hasn't always been consistent even back in Season 1. Hopefully, they can make up for that with some good old-fashioned subtext.

Jerry's com-wallet made another appearance! I always thought that was a spiffy gadget. Does anyone remember what episode it was introduced in? I'm thinking Evil Promotion Much, but that may have just been a watch gadget.

Jesus at Jerry grabbing the plane's controls and putting them into a barrel roll.

This is a pretty elaborate mission briefing with Jerry continuing to talk to them on a monitor on a box that is parachuting with them down to the Earth's surface.

One of these gadgets reminds me of a certain sex toy. LOL. Well, there's only two beads, so maybe not. XD Sorry, my mind is in the gutter.

"Run for Cover Hover-Boards" are one of the gadgets! Nice to see those back. If everyone remembers, the idea for a hover board came from Back to the Future II.

Surprised they had a bit with them losing control of their parachutes due to the speed they were traveling at, but pretty cool none the less!

Nice back to basics spy action here.

The Paris accents also sound off. LOL.

Clover - "This vault has been picked cleaner than the Fashion Shoe Shack after a holiday clearance sale!"

Clover - "What's with all the crumbs? Smells like cake!" XD

Alex almost eats a crumb after Sam says they should be analyzed. lol

Their eyes also seem way larger and cutesier this season as well.

Wow, the Granny has a rocket on her mobility scooter. LOL.

Remember what I said earlier? Suddenly Alex's ass looks curvier in this shot with her on the hover board. Booty

Nice chase scene! That scooter is serious business. lol

Alex and Sam hold hands for a split second there. Yuri

Haha, now it's turning into a jet skiing scene after the Granny lands on a boat and Alex is still attached to her scooter with the bungee gadget.

Incoming boat traffic! Will Alex escape in time?

Of course she did! XD

Damn, their eyes are so big now! O_O

I don't know why Clover had scissors at hand to cut the rope to free Alex from the boat's pull. XD Pretty random!

They're going back to Mali-U to wait for "Jerry's crumb analysis." Hopefully, this means more Mandy b-plot! Mandy 03 Heart

They're going to the Mali-U beach for "some afternoon sunbathing." Bikinis please! They're currently in street clothes, so just please include the changing scene as well. Whistle

And they just used their com-powders to transform their clothes into swimsuits. Boo! At least do it slow motion like anime does! I can't see anything! Boo! lol

Their bikinis are rather conservative, but at least it's good to see more of their skin. There's a nice crotch shot of Clover when they're all jumping up into the air, excited to be on the beach. Hubba

And there's my slinky, sexy goddess chilling on the beach. Mandy 01 I guess there's going to be a confrontation now. Xd I like the sexy pose she has in that beach chair as she's sipping that tropical drink and Trent is fanning her.

Trent is wearing one of those 1920's striped full body swimsuits.

Mandy - "Hi, gals! What's the haps?!" Yes, you should all hang out with each other. Maybe Mandy will let you apply her sunscreen. Whistle

Haha Mandy ate one of the cupcakes and now she wants to be super nice to them. Yuri

She also puts her hands on Clover!

Man, she's leaving after giving them all her beach stuff! Boo! I wanted to see them hang out! O_O

Love the design of the Mandy Kart with those huge pictures of herself on the front and back. XD

Nice back shot of their asses as they watch Mandy drive off, especially Clover's since her bottoms appear to be clenched into her booty. Booty

And decent shot of Alex's cleavage when she's bending over to get the cupcake crumb from Mandy's beach blanket. Boobs

Clover and Sam's belly buttons look cute here too. Hubba

Also LOL at them bawling her out for wanting to eat after Mandy. It's like they're paranoid about them sharing germs. Xd Yuri

HOLY SHIT. Alex's com-powder just went off from her bikini bottoms! XDDD It must be sitting right on her naked ass. Booty

When it goes off, you can also see a little extra curve around Alex's vag area. Good thing for HD! XDDD Sorry, if you're new to my commentaries, this is the kind of thing I like to comment on. Devil

So according to Jerry, the cupcakes make the eater ultra agreeable. Wish I could give these to Empress or Ren. XD

Sam - "And why Mandy was acting so un-Mandy like!" Sam seems upset. She's in love with the real Mandy! Yuri

Sam - "Guess our beach bonanza will have to wait! Back to the mission we go!"

Seriously, their transformations are too quick. XD I need mahou shoujo style!

Yay, Mandy is at the cupcake shop! Heart

I think there's a flub here where Mandy is both in line and walking out of the cupcake shop. There was someone that looked like and dressed like her in line anyways.

Mandy's being so sweet to them too! Heart Go ahead, Sam, eat the cupcake she offered you and then walk away with her arm in arm. Yuri

Mandy, while pointing at Sam - "I'll call you!" Yes please! Heart Yuri Heart

Clover - "Since when is Mandy so considerate or so carb crazy?"

Alex - "These cupcakes are selling like hotcakes!"

Their boobs looked bigger while they were running through the alley too. Like I said, this has always been inconsistent in Totally Spies. LOL!

Sam - "A locked door! And we all know what the WOOHP handbook says about locked doors!" There's a WOOHP handbook?

Clover and Alex never read it! LOL!

Sam - "It says that a locked door is a spy's worst enemy." LOL.

The Hair-Pick Lock-Pick seems to be a simplistic gadget, but those are cool as well!

Nice shot of Clover's boobs as the camera pans to Sam using the lock-pick gadget. Boobs

Wow, old-fashioned TV, picture of William Shakespeare on the wall and other oldtimey stuff in this control room.

Sam - "Blinking red lights over a map of the world is never a good sign!"

And the Granny used a giant frosting tube to glue to them the floor. Makes sense, right?

The Granny - "Hello, my dearies!"

Alex - "We thought you were locked in the geriatric branch of the WOOHP containment facility living out your golden years!"

Wow this whole flashback sequence is done with chibis. Interesting.

She came up with the recipe for mind altering cupcakes while in prison. Pretty impressive! I also like that her cell contains a rocking chair, a cat and a microwave. Although, according to her words, she did it in the prison kitchen. Maybe she sweet talked her way back there?

Yeah, their boobs look bigger here as well. It's like they grew when they changed into their uniforms. Boobs

Speaking of boobs, the Granny's are pretty huge. X_x

The Granny - "Still smart as a whip, aren't ya, Samantha?"

Good profile boob shot of all three girls here. Holy crap! Hubba

The Granny wants to get enough money so she can buy her own island so her and her old gang can play shuffle board and knit scarves.

Alex - "Wow, Granny, for someone so adorable, you sure are evil!"

The Granny, while pinching Alex's cheek - "You sure are cute! You always were my favorite, Alex!" If I didn't know better, I'd say they were flirting with each other. Yuri ? I guess she treats them like her grandchildren though.

Wow, she put them in bondage with a ball of yarn. Pretty hardcore!

LOL at Jerry playing with one of those bouncing steel ball office toy things except this one has little rockets on it.

Jerry knows exactly who "Prisoner I3468B" is. LOL.

Apparently, her excuse for leaving prison was to go to a bingo game. LOL!

Haha, now they're in giant cupcakes and about to go into an oven on a conveyor belt.

Wow, nice acrobatics by the Granny. I guess she doesn't have arthritis.

Clover - "Dig deep, Alex!" as Alex is grunting, convulsing and fidgeting with her hands down below where we can't see (to get a gadget Xd).

Of course they escape just in time with the gadget!

The Granny - "Time to kick it oldschool!"

The Granny breaks out rolling pin nunchuks. Sam and Clover's reaction - O_O

Clover - "Easy, Granny, you don't want to throw your back out!"

Now she's using an electric mixer as a weapon!

Pretty decent martial arts sequences here!

And the large amount of dough that was accidentally dislodged by Clover is going into the oven. I see a resolution coming soon.

Sam hit the Granny with the giant tube of frosting. I still don't understand why it's acting like glue to trap people. lol

Granny is guilting them about leaving her behind to face the incoming cake explosion. I'm sure they'll go back and rescue her. lol

Alex is still mushy over the Granny calling her her favorite. LOL!

And after the explosion, giant cupcakes begin falling everywhere. They even have frosting on them! Great TS logic! XD

Alex threw a cupcake into her mouth. Actually, a pretty smart move from Alex!

So this is one of the episodes where Alex saves the day I guess!

Alex - "I'm just bummed I never got to try one of them! They looked so delicious and sweet!" Clover - "Don't worry, Alex, you're sweet enough already!" Awwww! Heart Yuri

Only thing I'm upset about is there is only one minute left for Mandy antics!

So this episode ends with Mandy driving her kart over to a tall display of cupcakes and it falling on top of her. Will there be a group laugh next or something else ridiculously sterotypical?

Sam seems upset about Mandy being back to normal, unlike earlier. Maybe her dreams of Mandy being "friendly" to her have been shattered.

Mandy - "Who built this faulty cupcake tower?!"

Clover - "I don't know about you guys, but I'm glad to see the old Mandy back. Having a nice Mandy around was just too freaky!" Of course you're glad. I mean how else are you guys going to get off to being her dominatrix love slaves? Yuri Whip Heart

And that's all she wrote!


I felt this was a good, while not extraordinary, episode. Good points:

Return of a really great villain.

Good chase and fight scenes.

Good old school spy action and villain plot.

A few fanservicey shots.

Mandy centered b-plot!

Bad points:

It was maybe a tad predictable.

Not as much subtext as I would have preferred.

Mandy b-plot really didn't go as far as I think it should have.

Overall, nothing really bad at all. So I'm giving this one a solid thumbs up!  It was a pretty fun episode!

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