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Old episode commentary repost:

Decided to do a second commentary this week! This thread will also act as the general discussion thread for this episode. So please add any comments you have about this ep to the thread!

Looks like I'll also be doing this commentary off of an HD version. I'm guessing the entire Season 6 is up on YouTube in glorious HD now.

Running Commentary for Totally Spies! - Episode 140 - The Dusk of Dawn � May, 3 2015

Before we start, I just want to comment that the title of this episode, the Dusk of Dawn, reminds me of zombie movies. Specifically, the Dawn of the Dead and Dusk of the Dead, which was the rumored title for the forth George A. Romero zombie movie that was eventually titled Land of the Dead (Both great films! And I mean the 70's Dawn of the Dead, not the remake).

Looks like a stereotypical knight type character climbing a very steep volcano in a dangerous fantasy landscape. So I'm going to guess this episode actually parodies MMO games like World of Warcraft? Maybe?

10 bucks says Clover gets horny for him later in the episode! Clover 4

Well this has been one of the most unusual openings of a TS episode I've seen. I'm guessing these characters competing to get to that beating heart thing at the top of the mountain are actually in a videogame.

Wow, now the spies are fighting a laser shooting robot in Washington, D.C.! So my new guess is this is about videogame characters escaping to the real world.

LOL, now it's attacking the Washington monument!

It shot tentacles at them. There's your required hentai reference. XD

Sam and Clover look nice lying on the grass. Whistle

Clover - "That robozilla is showing a serious lack of respect for one of the world's treasures!"

LOL, she was actually talking about herself, not the Washington Monument! Good joke! LOL

The robot is like humping the monument now. O_O

Clover - "Before I give that robot some real head shots!" I'll give you some head shots, Clover. Whistle

So Jerry gave them a gadget that looks like a camera that catches baddies, even giant robots, inside when you press to take a photo? What is this Ghostbusters now?

After Sam takes the pic, she is literally laying on top of Clover's crotch. Fanservice alert! Yuri

Clover - "I can't believe I'm still standing!" Sorry about that, Clover. Whistle Wub

Alex does a random side hug here. Nice! Yuri

Alex - "The Dusk of Dawn is playing a late show!" So it is a George A. Romero reference?

Okay never mind. Clover refers to it as a "wizard fantasy love story."

Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it has something to do with Twilight sans vampires.

Yup, it's like a nerdier version of Twilight. Alex is talking about having moved from "Team Durlock" to "Team Justin!" *Alex clasps her hands and swoons.* Oh boy, I'm blushing now. Blushing What an interesting coincidence with that name choice. Xd Maybe it's a reference to the other Justin though, the one who had an interview with David Michel.

Edit: I originally thought the character's name was Justin. I didn't figure out it was actually Cheston until half way through the commentary. This was kind of funny, so I'll just keep my original reactions intact.

Either way, I guess those were the guys fighting to top of the mountain at the beginning of the episode.

Sam - "Sorry, Alex, I'm on Team Too Tired to Move. The only way we're going is if you carry us there." Alex - "Yeah! You got it!" And Alex actually carries both of them! Holy crap! Yuri In Adam Warren's Empowered, they call this method of carrying damsels "shoulder candy." XD

I don't know why she changed her clothes though. Maybe it's cosplay? Is Twilight like the Rocky Horror Picture Show now?

A few rando cuties in the movie theater.

Sam - "Sorry, Alex, just getting some popcorn." She's carrying pop (yup, I don't call it soda). Clover has the popcorn.

Wow, everyone in the theater laughed at Alex's cosplay. Harsh! I like how she lifted up her super long skirt to walk down the aisle though! This also reinforces Alex being the one with geeky hobbies.

Clover - "Ew! That seat looks like someone's been living in it!" Alex - "I am that someone!" LOL.

The main character of the movie is searching for "the Eternal Flaming Heart." Yaoi

LOL at the bad guy shouting that name at him. So Alex switched from being in love with the bad guy to being in love with Justin (the good guy Xd).

He's blonde as well. LOL.

Alex - "You'll be in my dreams! I've decided I'm officially on Team Justin!" Just come over to my place, Alex, and we can make this official! Whistle Wub

The fire and lightning magic they are fighting with is pretty cool.

Justin - "Hot enough for you?!" Alex while fanning herself off - "Yes you are!"

Alex - "Justin, no!" It's okay, Alex, I'm all right! XD Just take me into your arms. Wub

I like the way Clover has her sexy boot wearing legs up on the chair here.

Guy sitting in front of them like has the raggedy ginger version of Clover's anime hairstyle.

The usher has like this huge blonde hairdo and this red Punisher shirt on. Do they really allow them to dress like that anywhere?

Sam calls him "kinda cute" and he immediately whips out a comb and messes with his hair.

This episode is pretty weird. Almost five minutes in and no mission from Jerry so far.

Sam about the usher - "Isn't he dreamy? He's so poised and so above authority! He's a total tough hottie!" Sam is sounding a bit like Clover here. LOL. She also sounds cute due to how she's both excited and trying to whisper at the same time.

Clover - "Hottie alert!? Where?!" Sam - "There!"

Sam - "How do I get that bad boy to ask out a good girl like me?" New subplot?

Okay, so Clover dragged Sam and Alex out of the theater to chase the "hottie," and they accidentally drop the camera gadget. It then shoots the movie screen and apparently zaps Durlock and Justin out of the screen. Yup, looks like this show is becoming even more scientifically absurd. XD

Okay, Sam is getting horny over him throwing trash on the ground instead of into the dumpster. "Did you see the way he littered?! *swoons* He really is a bad boy!" Wub Seems slightly out of character. Wouldn't she get upset about littering? But then again, she likes him for being a "bad boy," and I do ship her with Mandy for similar reasons. Sam 03 Heart Mandy 03

WTF was with that steam-punk like zeppelin flying over their villa dorm apartment? O_O

They're going to bed. Alex has her trademark Panda shirt on. Boo at Clover not wearing a sexy nighty like in previous episodes! I like her with the socks though. Hubba

And now they're WOOHPed! Kind of late in the episode, but oh well. XD

Nice landing on the couch there with Sam's bare leg over Clover's neck. Hubba Alex's legs look nice in her jammy boxers as well. Hubba

Also Clover is in the doggy style position over the couch. Just had to mention that. Mario

Okay, they were sucked into their pillows on their beds and up into that airship that I mentioned earlier. BTW, does this mean that Jerry spies on them in their bedrooms while they sleep now? XD Jeez, just think of all the freaky things Jerry has watched especially in Clover's room. XDDD

I like all the windows in the zeppelin. Looks pretty nice. Hope my vertigo wouldn't kick in though if I was a passenger.

This transformation scene was actually slightly fanservicey since you see Sam and Alex's bare legs transform into their spy suit legs. Xd You need to slow it down though to view it properly. Hubba

The gadgets are all back to being pretty girly. If anyone remembers, the girliness of the gadgets was toned down slightly during Season 3. One of them is named "the Hands Off Handbag." LOL.

The Mini Carbon Dating Machine looks a little bit like a vibrator. XD

Wow, Jerry just dropping them into the air by pulling the floor of the zeppelin out from under them must have been pretty scary. xD

Wow, the town looks pretty wrecked. I wonder if they're going to be fighting Godzilla.

Good profile shot of Sam and Clover's boobs there.

Sam - "Where there's fire, there's smoke!" I think you got that backwards, Sammikins! XD

The Hands Off Handbag also works like a Ghostbusters gadget in that they used it to suck up all that electricity and fire being shot at them more than likely from Durlock and Justin.

The chibi rabbit face on the handbag that breathed a sigh of relief was pretty creepy. XD

The scene with the electricity magic throwing cars and a bus at them was pretty cool!

Alex after finding Justin's cloak on the ground - "and I think I've seen someone wear it before!" Duh!

So apparently Justin or Durlock went into a store and stole a heart shaped pendant. XD Pretty fruity!

Clover - "This thief is ruthless and tasteless!"

Alex - "Well, let's get out of this smoke and back to our dorms to analyze this cloak!" Jesus Christ! What are you a leprechaun now? XD

Guess they were so tired they fell asleep on their couches in their spy uniforms. Pretty cute! Wub I like the fetal position Clover is in. xd

Jerry again invades their sleeping by activating a compowder and using the Darth Vader hologram function. Alex thought it was a ghost! XD

There's a poster of Justin on the wall during this scene, but you may miss it if you're not paying attention.

Clover sitting cross-legged in her form fitting spy suit is pretty sexy. Hubba

And Sam just broke out the vibrator gadget and gave an interesting look. LOL.

So the carbon dater says the cloak is from the 13th century. I thought he was from a movie?

Sam putting on a leather jacket over her spy suit is pretty sexy. Due to how skin-tight their uniforms are, it's almost like she's wearing the jacket and nothing else. Hubba Even better when she poses for them. "How do I look?" Hubba

Clover - "Well, I know you're trying to look all bad, but you just look kind of... bad." Sam - "Just the look I was going for! A bad girl for a bad boy!" *grabs her belt* I think Clover's comment flew over her head.

Sam - "Doh, I forgot to do my homework!" Remember, her last name is Simpson (supposedly).

To be bad, Sam is going to do her homework in green ink instead of black. XD Pretty badass, Sammykins!

Clover - "That was some of the worst acting I've seen since the Dusk of Dawn."

Clover - "So then do you think there's a wizard on the loose making movie cloaks appear in real life?"

Alex tries to retrieve the Crim Cam gadget from her ass. XD She's surprised when she can't find it on her butt. I'm not making this up. There's even a sound effect when she's searching in her butt for it with her hand. Booty That gadget is way too big to fit into any pocket on a skin tight uniform. You could maybe think it was on the back of her belt, but it's too big for that too. So this is very suspicious. XD We have two options here I think. Maybe WOOHP is implementing some new kind of physics that Kira onii-chan knows about. The other possibility? Whistle XDDD

LOL at Sam with the leather jacket in street clothes. She looks pretty good. Hubba

"Someone or something" ripped the screen to shreds. Kind of reminds me of the Dario Argento produced, Lamberto Bava directed horror classic, Demons. XD

Sam's pick up line - "So you come here often? Get it cuz you know you work here so you must be here often." *nervous laugh*

Usher Douchebag after raising eyebrow - "Yeah, whatever!" *combs hair, turns around and walks away* Okay, I officially hate this guy. He said whatever in the earlier scene as well. Maybe this is the only thing he can say?

Jesus and Sam still swoons over him after that. X_x

Sam referred to that as her best flirting. Clover is shocked. Maybe she'll take Clover's flirt lessons like Stella did in that TB74 fanfic. LOL.

Clover - "I'll give you some pointers later!" Oh boy, will this turn into a steamy lemon like that fanfic now? LOL.

So the camera pulled them out of the screen but didn't trap them inside the camera like it did with the giant robot. Love how the impossible and inconsistent plot holes are stacking up here, but this is TS after all. It's part of the appeal!

And Alex just licked her finger after running it on the floor. Don't you know how disgusting movie theater floors are, Alex? XD Even Clover fell over after seeing that. XD

The heart thing they were fighting over was referred to by Alex as "the Eternal Heart of Grantoid." Pretty nerdy sounding. XD

Clover doesn't remember that plot point because she was sleeping through the movie. lol

Clover's mini-skirt is pretty hot. Lots of leg. Hubba

LOL Justin is wandering around Beverly Hills confused. *insert all the movies that used this same plot line like the He-Man movie and that terrible Beastmaster sequel*

LOL, he gets on top of a car and sits on it because he thinks it's a horseless chariot.

*car alarm goes off* "This chariot is possessed by spirits! Very angry spirits!"

The car owner has a Super Mario moustache. Mario

Durlock when he comes across a miniature poodle in a purse barking at him - "A faire maiden carrying a canine in a satchel? What kind of place is this?!"

The Beverly Hills weirdo in that patriotic Uncle Sam get-up looked a little like Jerry.

Now he's going to try to use the heart pendent stolen from that jewelry store to perform a spell. lol

Durlock - "Why is the heart not flaming?" Yaoi

Now Justin is back. Wizard fight!

Alex squealing when she's sees them is pretty cute. Wub Also, a staff almost got her in the vajayjay! XD

Wow, Alex is swinging that staff around like a ninja.

Alex - "How dare you accuse someone as sweet and soulful and sensitive with such sweet and soulful and sensitive hair as Justin!" Thanks, Alex! Wub

Note: I just checked out the Wikia article for this episode. Turns out his name is Cheston. I was just hearing it as Justin. Damn't. Now I can't pretend Alex was saying all those things about me. Cry

Looks like Sam is the one getting "Cheston" action in the background though.

Durlock's transportation move was pretty bad ass.

Alex - "I'll come with you!" Sure thing, Alex. We just need to time it right. Whistle

Cheston - "What's a... movie... and D V D?"

Alex - "Oh yeah! We should probably catch you up on what's new in the world for the past 800 years. I'll send you a text with some info! What's your cell?" Cheston - "What language are you speaking?"

Clover grabs Cheston - "The language of love!" Alex freaks the fuck out. LOL!

Clover even does pretend kissing. Kiss Wub

LOL at him looking at a Map to the Stars to find Durlock.

Alex puts her hand and cheek on Cheston's chest - "Yeah, but you're way cuter in real life!" Still annoyed his name actually isn't Justin. LOL.

Now Alex is pressing her boobs against his stomach. Boobs

Weird moment with Sam and Clover staring at the audience as Alex tries to cuddle him.

Now they think a billboard is the Eternal Flaming Heart of Grentoid. Guess it's going to be one of those episodes. lol

Wow, Cheston can use his fire powers to fly. Pretty bad ass!

Those handbag gadgets are weird. Convenient way to suck up all that lightning magic though.

God and those weird animated rabbits on the bags. It was breathing heavy! O_O

Durlock just said "zazitard" as part of a spell. LOL

And the spell caused three magical lightning claws to come out of the ground and grab Clover, Sam and Alex by the waist. How they're getting dragged on the ground by the claws could be a little fanservicey, but maybe I'm reading too much into it (not that I've never done that before Xd).

Wow, now Durlock is walking through the air like Jesus on water. WTF? LOL. There's no rules to this shit!

Alex - "I am under a spell, a love spell! And we may not be from the same world, but you totally rock mine!"

Clover - "Ouch! (maybe from her boobs being dragged on concrete Xd) Cheesiest line ever!"

Sam - "I know! I should totally use it on my ush crush bad boy punk hunk!" Jesus Christ, Sam! X_X

They are getting dragged with their boobs pressed against the ground. Whistle Boobs So it is fanservicey after all! XD

And the spies were just dragged into a portal. I guess the climax will take place 800 years ago, or in a movie world? Or I don't know, because the plot makes no sense! XD But that's okay I guess.

And it gets weirder. Cheston cried three tears and then tossed them into the portal as it was closing. ?

I guess it was some kind of spell. Clover, Alex and Sam just floated back up through the ground in bubbles. I know, it doesn't make much sense!

Oh god, now Cheston and Alex are running towards each other in slow motion. X_X Gag! Hopefully, they get interrupted or something!

Yes, they did! Thank god!

And now Durlock is holding an unconscious Alex in his hands. Kind of pervy! O_O

And he teleported out of there with Alex in tow.

Alex is now laying on the floor on some skyscraper's roof. Good shot of her ass and no no place from far away here. Hubba Booty Just wish the camera would have panned in closer. Whistle

AGAIN, Alex's compowder goes off from her ass! Where is she storing that thing?! It's too big to fit on the back of her belt! XD Booty

According to Alex, Durlock's weak point is gazing at his own beauty. Yaoi

He thinks Alex is a witch. LOL. Kind of creepy how he's getting in close quarters with her there. He was either going to shove her off the building to do something else.

Okay, so the make-up mirror gadget just transforms into a super large make-up mirror. WTF? That's what it does?

Durlock, while looking into the giant make-up mirror - "Who is that handsome devil?" *grin*

I think Clover just called Cheston Chester. I wonder if that was in the script or if it was a flubbed line? Can't really blame Andrea Baker if it was. He has a really weird name.

Cheston's flying burning phoenix move is pretty cool!

LOL at Durlock accidentally elbowing Alex in the stomach due to Cheston's attack.

And she falls off the building! Will she perish?

Of course not! Sam swoops in and saves her with the jetpack backpack! So it's obvious, Alex, you should repay Sam with some lovin and forget about that Cheston guy! Yuri

Probably could get some pretty yuri screenshots out of this with Sam flying with Alex in her arms and afterwards with Alex touching her neck. Yuri The later one looks like they're going to kiss. Definitely subtext from the artists. Wub Heart Yuri

Those handbags can sure store a lot of energy.

And now they're releasing said energy back at Durlock. Don't know how the physics works here. Maybe ask Kira for an explanation. XD

And those creepy rabbit heads made another appearance!

Durlock - "Don't look at me! I'm hideous!"

Alex - "No argument here!" I thought you were previously on Team Durlock?

And back into that weird ass camera gadget he goes.

Shot of Sam's back end as Alex and Durlock hold hands in the background. Booty

And Alex is shooting him down now because he's from a fake movie world. WTF? If I had a shot with one of my animu waifus or something, I'd just go for it. Jesus Christ.

So I guess their love story is getting the Casablanca treatment, except even more harsh? lol

And into the camera he goes. With Clover's expression, she seemed to give more a fuck then Alex did.

And they're at the movies again.

Alex in his outfit - "I just can't believe Cheston gave me the shirt off his back!" When the fuck did this happen? O_O Did they fuck at some point? :o

Alex shoots him onto the screen from the camera, and the movie audience is just sitting there! WTF? Were they just sitting there since that point earlier in the episode? Or were they watching the movie with no main characters?! WTF? It makes no sense! They seem delighted to see him transported to the screen too. Are they all smoking weed and can barely tell what's going on?

And he's shirtless on the screen too. I guess this is good for those of us that wanted some manservice.

Cheston trying to explain to the audience - "My... shirt has been stolen... by the same lovely creature who stole my heart!" *wink* I don't know why you're sending Alex a message. She shot you down cold earlier.

And following stupid cartoon rules, he has no nipples! I mean he's a guy. I don't think it would be a big deal to show his nipples in a cartoon. It's not like kids don't know what freaking nipples are. Do they think no one has ever been to the beach before? Or looked in a mirror without a shirt on for that matter?

Alex with heart eyes - "Oh wow! The movie just gets better each time I see it!" Is Alex so stupid she doesn't notice it's different? And she could have bagged him but chose not to? Or maybe she did since she has his fucking shirt. I don't know. This episode makes no sense!

And Clover went to sleep. Good choice. God, I wouldn't want to watch this movie either!

And now it's time for the conclusion of the Sam b-plot! Will she hook up with douchebag usher boy, or will he, "Whatever!" her again?

Sam's anime facial expressions here are pretty kawaii!

And he was about to ask her out, but then he sees a mouse and screams like a girl! Plot twist!

And he jumps into her arms for safety! Guess he isn't such a bad boy after all! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Sam - "Wow, guess you're not such a bad boy after all!" Wow, I nailed that one I guess. LOL.

She drops him! LOL! I wouldn't mind being held by Sam like that though. Wub

And the episode ends with Sam returning to the movie with popcorn, and Alex and Sam laughing at Clover's ridiculous snoring. Her snores are kind of cute though! Wub Wouldn't mind hearing that when I wake up. Whistle

That's a wrap!

The end credits with that floating video player to the side that plays highlights made sure to cover them plopping down on Jerry's couch. Probably one of my favorite moments (and that goes for a lot of other episodes too lol).


I felt this was a pretty weird episode worth watching at last once. However, I don't see myself constantly going back to it as one of my favorites.

Good points:

Some cool fantasy based fight scenes with magic and stuff.

An untypical plot for a TS episode. Plotting structure overall was also a bit different. There was more overlap between the main plot and the subplot.

If you're into it, two separate romance plot lines with the girls chasing after good looking boys.

At least one really good moment of yuri subtext between Sam and Alex in the animation, and a few other mildly fanservicey scenes.

Some parts were pretty funny.

If you like your TS strange, this was a very weird episode.

Bad points:

Plot was full of holes and barely held together cohesively (then again that may be a good thing for some people since TS isn't supposed to take itself seriously).

Super bizarre gadgets that barely made sense (again, this could be a plus for some people).

The romance storylines were kind of frustrating. They have to reset it back to the status quo, though, so you should have anticipated this. Not that I would have been happy if they stuck with those douchebags anyways. LOL. I think that's kind of the point too. See David.

I'm going to give this episode a so so rating. Some good points, but not enough for me to rate it as a very solid episode. Your mileage may vary.

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