Some Site Updates

The portal bug that cuts off the title of threads in the Latest Threads block has been fixed.  Sorry, I didn't get around to fixing this for so long.  It's a bug that reappears every time the forum software is updated unfortunately.

The host of the site tried to pull a price increase on me right before renewal.  I went to support and was able to get a one year reduction.  Didn't want to pay for more years at the reduced rate, because that would defeat the purpose of not sending them more money.  So we will be good for another year.  I don't know if I will renew the site there for 2023 at a higher right, but I'll decide whether or not we are moving at the time.  We are already paying more that we should based on web traffic even at that reduced rate, but this host has certain advantages over others so I don't know if paying an extra $30 is enough to make me want to move yet.

The Sub-Layer is viewable to guests again.  That includes the forums about anime, video games, TV, etc.  I admit I made it temporarily unviewable to prevent my comments on one thread regarding off-site entities from getting indexed by Google.  I have since removed that thread, so it's no longer an issue.

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