The Forum Is Working Again

The forum stopped working for 24 hours because the code for the arcade is not compatible with the newest version of mysql, and that code ended up fucking up the forum text as well.  I was hoping the latest upgrade to the arcade software (June 2021) would have fixed this but it hasn't.  So for now I'm turning the arcade off until I can produce a permanent solution.  Hopefully, the dev who made the arcade software will just update it again but who knows when that will happen.  Anyways, the forum is working correctly again so you can post and read threads.

Thanks man! You're a lifesaver. Party 3

I thought the site had issues with me lol like it personally had a vendetta against me. 

I felt bad for constantly saying it was messing up (it was), but like I still felt bad cause maybe it was annoying (to you) or on my end. 

I'm just glad you found a solution. Cause yeah I was planning to be more active or post something this month. I'm still working on those two projects so yeah we'll see if I finish lol

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