TS fanart (random) TST_01

This was based on a song I was addicted to for like a week. 

By: Public the band - Little Drama Queen (LDQ)

I couldn't help but think of the main troublemaker Mandy. 

One without vamp ears and blood. The other with. 

I recommend looking the song up cause I put some lyrics in the picture(s). 

"What's the worst you could do to me, little drama queen?" 

Plus ya know she fancies herself a queen XD

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It's not finished yet, but I'll post what it looks like now.

It's a Totally Spies and Teen Titans crossover.
Cause one day I was thought hey Alex and Beast Boy would be great friends.

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Nice work, TST!

Now I think I'm done.

This is the first time I've actually tried to do a real background...
I traced images of Japan (mixture of Kyoto and Shibuya etc)
One image in pieces but I looked at a few others

Anyway, this is it completed. Or close to completion.
The best I can currently do. Haha

That's real Japanese for Kyoto. I have a book on Japanese phrases for travel. (Still a hope and dream of mine to visit Japan one day.)

I took a picture of it and traced it in.

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Finished version is great! Great job!

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