Been watching all the other Marathon shows (and other ones)

Finally back.
Many, as I have seen Martin Mystery.
And you likely know I watched Team Galaxy, Amazing Spiez, and Monster Buster Club from art done.

But I watched even more: Redakai, Gormiti, Odyssey Quest(!), Rekkit Rabbit, Le Ranch, and now finally Marsupilami.

Each show had great art & characters. And some of the only eps I could find of the last three shows were only in French (and some without close captions).

Here's Amanda (the hot mom from Marsupilami season 2)-  Blushing

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That mom looks like a teenager. Welcome back!

(04-10-2022, 04:03 AM)Total_Shipping_Trash01 Wrote: That mom looks like a teenager. Welcome back!

We wonder if that mom found the place where the Fountain of Youth is? There was lots of legends who claimed that fountain was located in some jungles. ;)

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