To Lurker Accounts, Please Read to Keep Your Accounts

Currently, we're in the process of having forum policy changes due to different factors including security issues.  As such, I've decided to do away with most lurker accounts.  These are accounts registered at the forum by people who log-in to read the forum but have never posted.  Lurker accounts sometimes include spammers, automated robot accounts and other parties with malicious intent.  So far, I've deleted most lurker accounts that have been inactive for one year or more. 

There are several people with lurker accounts, however, that have logged in and read the forum in 2022.  If you want to keep your account, please make an introduction thread in the "New Recruit Tunnel Drop" forum with an explanation of who you are and your history with TS, the forum and/or the fandom.  Sometimes, it's hard to identify returning members due to name changes or just forgetting who they were, so doing this will help forum staff.

If your account was deleted during the recent purge, I'm going to allow you to re-resister within a two week time span, but please make an introduction post about yourself during that time if you want to keep your new account.  Also, to simplify things for moderators, this forum is now only for members that are 18 years or older.  If you are younger than that, please find somewhere else to talk about TS.  Sorry.

Keep in mind that only having posted an intro post (or a couple of posts elsewhere in the forum) several months or multiple years ago may also qualify as you as having a lurker account.  Posting some more in the forum would be helpful to staff in that case.

Okay, so no one actually responded to this post, although I think two lurkers MAY have seen it.  You got three days left according to my official announcement.  I don't know if I'll extend this deadline, but if you want to make an intro post or re-register a pruned account, now would be the time to do it.

Going to prune more accounts probably. Reminder, if you lose your account, you still have a chance to re-register and make an intro post. I'll give you an extra week to do that. Thanks.

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