The Rules 3.1 (All Members Please Read)

Thought I would give the new forum rules an overhaul.  Nothing much is changing, but I just want to condense things a bit since the previous one was a lot to read.

The Rules 3.0

1.  TSUG is for people 13 years old and up.

Anyone below 13 will be banned on sight.  No exceptions.  Staff having suspicions you are under 13 is also a justifiable reason for a ban.  If you are younger than 13, find somewhere else to discuss TS or other topics.

2. You take full and complete responsibility and ownership for everything you post here. The website and staff does not.

All posts in this subforum are the full responsibility and property of their respective posters. Members take full and complete responsibility for all content, images, or files they upload or attach in this subforum on their own.

3.  Swearing is allowed.

Swearing is generally allowed in TSUG and will not be punished except in cases where other rules are violated.

4.  Overt bigotry is not allowed.

I don't want racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. at TSUG.  We will not be enforcing ridiculous SJW or Twitter standards for what constitutes bigotry (like cultural appropriation, and other stupid things that aren't real).  However, in general, try to respect other members who are different from you in the forum and there should not be a problem.

5.  This is not a politically correct forum.

Beyond that, this is not going to be a politically correct forum ever.  If you are offended by something that doesn't break our rules, go back to Twitter or whatever.  Also keep in mind that people may not agree with you on political issues, and trying to moralize them about it is obnoxious.

6.  Don't flame other users.

Don't use personal attacks against other users and try to keep debates non-personal.

7.  Don't harass other members.

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated here.

8.  Don't spam the forum.

Don't post threads or replies that are nonsense, advertise unrelated commercial products or can't be discussed by other members.  "Flooding" the forum is also considered spamming.  More spammy comments in the Shoutbox are allowed within reason.

9.  Image Posting/Attachment Policy

A.  Image attachments should mostly concern fanart, Totally Spies or the topics of whatever subforum you are posting in.  Special rules may exist for specific subforums.

B.  In the TSUG Gallery, the TS Fan Art Collection subforum and Non-TS Writings and Art subforum, fanart that includes fully explicit nudity (completely exposed breasts and private parts) is not allowed.  Ecchi, fanservice or sexy artwork that does not contain this, however, is generally allowed.  Be careful about what you post in other forums as well.

C.  Due to privacy concerns, etc. any images of real people you upload here should be over the age of 18.

D.  Images posted to just gross out or troll other members are not allowed.

E.  Do not claim you made fanart you did not create.

F.  Attachments of videos or other kinds of media should also follow the above rules when they apply.

10.  Fanfiction Policy

A. Adult only (aka sex) fanfiction is not allowed in the normal TS Fan Fiction Library  or Non-TS Writings and Art subforums.

B.  Do not claim you wrote fanficiton you did not author.

11.  Repeat trolling will get you banned.

If you're main objective for being here is just to annoy, deceive, irritate, or disturb the other posters at the forum, you are a troll. Trolling is a pattern of bad or annoying behavior by someone who won't listen to warnings or is very unlikely change their annoying behavior.

12.  Don't make multiple accounts.

Unless special circumstances warrant new accounts for members, normal members are restricted to one account per person.

13.  This is a pro-shipping freedom forum.

You are allowed to ship any two characters together here.  Don't take anyone else's shipping that seriously or attack/belittle others for their favorite couples.  If you do, you don't have to post here.  This includes same sex pairings.

14.  Please don't post in all caps.

Please don't post in all caps.  While doing it sometimes may be all right in certain contexts, it's a bad habit in general.

15.  Don't post personal information here.

Don't post your real name, street address, phone number, etc. on the forum.  You should never do this online regardless.

16.  Don't sign up just to vote in a contest.

This has never happened.  Still, voting in fanart contests or other contests is reserved for regularly active members.

17.  Don't discuss illegal drug use or other criminal activities here.

Laws on things like drug use are becoming less restrictive, but I still don't want them talked about here for the time being.  Talking about your alcohol consumption if you are 21 years old is okay.

Okay, I think that's about it.  Yeah, I removed the lame typo joke from the thread title in previous versions of this thread, and yes that was a joke.  LOL.
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Added a new Rule #2 since I forgot to include that one.
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