New Arcade Games Installed (Update 2: 6 New Games)

I actually ended up finding a ton of new games, so I decided to make a new thread just for new game updates.  I'll probably just start installing games continuously, because there's a lot to install.  General Arcade support and misc. arcade updates will go in this thread here (will link to it when the URL is changed lol).  In addition to all the games I've restored from the old site (which was all of them save for one that was broken and will be uploaded later), these are the new games I've installed so far:

Turkey Shoot (Shooting)
Prison Shootout (Shooting)
Silent Kill (Shooting)
Pepsi Max Pinball (Pinball)
Michael Jackson: the Last Dance (Misc.)
Mario Arcade (Classic)
Hotcorn (Cooking)
Another Box of Hotcorn (Cooking)

The following games were uploaded to the 18+ adult sections of the arcade which can't be viewed or accessed by members under 18:

Pepe Le Rapiste 2 (Adult)
Casse Brique Sexy (Adult)
Zombie Hooker Nightmare XXX Mas (Adult)
Naughty America - Memory (Adult)
Nude Volley Ball - Blondes vs. Brunettes (Adult)
Strip Tina (Adult)
Sexcavator (Adult)

The Zombie Hooker game doesn't appear to be that explicit, but it has XXX in the title so I'm leaving it in the Adult section instead of putting it in the Sexy section.

This game was on the old arcade but was broken.  It has now been replaced with a working version:

Marvin's Space Bowling (Bowling)

What games to expect in the future:

For now, I'm going to keep working on adding more adult games since those are my favorites.  lol  However, if anyone wants to request some new games, I'll do those first instead.

Sounds like fun.

Big update to three adult sections of the arcade (which are not viewable for members under 18).  The following games have been installed.  I'm putting the category name first so you know where to find each one:

[Adult Puzzle] Porn Differences
[Adult Puzzle] Pussy or Meat
[Adult Puzzle] MemoryXXX
[Adult Puzzle] Connect Hot Girl Mahjong
[Adult Casino] Strip Poker - Evelyn Lory
[Adult] Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars
[Adult] Fuck
[Adult Casino] Erotic Roulette
[Adult Casino] Erotic Caribbean Poker
[Adult] Booty Booty Buster
[Adult Casino] Strip BlackJack With Mari
[Adult Casino] Strip BlackJack With Jaclyn
[Adult] Virtual Blow Job
[Adult] Angel Girl Trial
[Adult Casino] 3Reel Erotic

A few of the icons for the games were boring, so I edited them and made them better.  A few of the small sized icons needed to be resized too.  The dimensions of Connect Hot Girl Mahjong were made larger as well.

I'll probably upload for adult arcade games in a week or so!

Just finished another update to the adult section of the arcade!  More games for me to play.  Maybe eventually someone else will play them.  XD 

The following games were uploaded to the 18+ adult sections of the arcade (which can't be viewed or accessed by members under 18).  The category section where they can be found is listed second:

SeXXXy Invaders [Adult]
Pussy Pool [Adult]
StripPinBowl [Adult]
Sexy Chick Puzzled [Adult Puzzle]
Strip Solitaire Klondike [Adult Casino]
Strip Solitaire Tripeaks [Adult Casino]

The smaller sized icons for these games have also been re-sized so they fit on the Newest Games list better.

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