Totally Spies! HD Remaster Hits YouTube

[Image: couch1.png]

As reported by BradleyEX, a new "remastered" version of Totally Spies is being published on YouTube.  It was announced in this advertisement, and the remastered episode for A Thing for Musicians was subsequently published here on the official Totally Spies YouTube page. 

The video appears to be from a very high quality source probably close to the original master.  However, unfortunately for fans, the image is cropped at the top and bottom to try to force earlier seasons into a widescreen aspect ratio.  Totally Spies was not widescreen until Season 5, so this means a lot of animation that would other wise be visible is probably being excluded from these new episodes.  Hopefully, a "pillar box" version of the remastered video is made available at some point.

If you are a current member, you can discuss this news in our forum on this thread.  The forum is currently closed to non-members for the time being due to the available time of staff.

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