The TSUG Aracade Is Back Online!

[Image: tsarcade.png]

Thanks to the great help and hard work of member, hdc, the TSUG arcade is finally back online after being down for more than a year. The TSUG arcade is one of the largest still operating Flash forum arcades in existence with 1,252 games including custom Totally Spies games available only here. As Flash and forum arcade software has been abandoned elsewhere, you won’t see many of these games anywhere else.

This arcade has faced many challenges over recent years including the abandonment of Flash, hostile PHP upgrades, hostile SQL upgrades and more. It was looking unlikely that the software would again be upgraded by the original developer, so I had hdc come in and create a custom fix. Hopefully, this will be permanent this time since the arcade’s code is now compliant with the latest SQL update and the small amount of remaining in-game errors will be removed by future updates to the Ruffle Flash emulator that loads through the website. This particular fix by hdc is only available here so far, so please enjoy our massive library of 1,252 games!

The arcade is currently only available to members. Registration is closed as this time, but if you have an account please log-in and try it out.

Wow! Great job! It's pretty cool, I already played to the game where Clover flies in the sky but I'll try some other ones later !

Okay, some stupid news. The latest forum software upgrade some how broke the arcade categories rows so it’s just one long row now. Something similar looks to have happened to the game rating options on the right of the games. STILL, the games still play and record scores, so we didn’t go all the way backwards. Lol

I think HDC is busy so I don’t know when I’ll have this fixed. This forums software hasn’t had a feature upgrade since 2015, so I don’t know why I’m even bothering with these dinky upgrades. Doesn’t seem worth it if it’s going to break things, but I guess they include security updates. *shrugs shoulders*

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