Return of the Matchmaker: Totally Random Love Fanart Contest (Story and Rules)

Note:  This contest closed for new entries at the old forum.  I'm reposting the thread content here because not all entrants submitted art yet and we still need to judge the entries.  The contest just didn't conclude before I was unexpectedly forced to move to new software.  Anyways, I'l cover what happened so far in the next two posts.  Here are the results of the randomized selection process:

[Image: selection_time_big.png]

It’s time once again time for another TSUG fanart contest! This contest may in fact be the most unexpected of them all, because no entrant yet knows what they will draw! Much like how love is a mysterious game of chance in the real world, so will this contest be left up to Lady Luck!  Get ready for the Return of the Matchmaker: Totally Random Love Fanart Contest!

Pairing Randomization

Five fanartists entered the contest on the Story and Rules Thread.  Now it's time to randomize their pairings with the TS Yuri Shipping Generator!

Here is a video of the pairings being randomly selected using the TS Yuri Shipping Generator:

.webm   contest.webm (Size: 404.53 KB / Downloads: 1)

Here are the randomized yuri couples that were generated, marked A through F.

Pairing A: Bertha Bombshell x Dominique

[Image: resized_yuri_pairing_01_final.png]

Pairing B: Sam x Geraldine Husk

[Image: resized_yuri_pairing_02_final.png]

Pairing C: Mindy x Mandy

[Image: resized_yuri_pairing_03_final.png]

Pairing D: Stella x M.O.M.

[Image: resized_yuri_pairing_04_final.png]

Pairing E: Britney x Tammy

[Image: resized_yuri_pairing_05_final.png]

Pairing F: Phoebe x Mandy

[Image: resized_yuri_pairing_06_final.png]

Selection Randomization

We have also randomized the way contestants will chose couples!  This was done through the assistance of

[Image: selection_order.png]

Here is the order in which contestants may choose a couple as determined by chance:

1.  Katira Moon

2.  BradleyEX

3.  Nextstopplease

4.  Stasis Muffin

5.  jettmanas

Contestants are only allowed to choose in this order with contestant number 1 choosing first, contestant number 2 choosing second and so on.  Please wait your turn to choose a couple.  Once you have chosen a pairing, that option will be removed from the pool and cannot be selected by another contestant. 

Setting Selection

Along with your couple, you will also select a setting for your fanart from this list of six options:

I. bedroom

II. hot tub

III. nude beach

IV. dungeon

V. WOOHP gadget lab

VI. WOOHP jet cabin

Similarly to how couples are chosen, you can only choose a setting in the order you were drawn.  Once a setting has been selected, it will also be removed from the pool of options.

Please make all your choices, A-F and I-VI, in your drawn order, 1-5, in the thread.  Thank you!

Good luck!  :laugh:

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