Welcome to the Brand New Totally Spies Undergroud!

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It's a New Age for TSUG!

If you didn't already know, TSUG has migrated to new forum software due to an upcoming mandatory PHP upgrade.  After a month of work, I'm finally able to launch the new site!  I've created new forum skins, and I believe the new software is more function and runs better than what we had before.  While we are having a fresh start, I'm working to retain a lot of the fun content from the previous board including the gallery (which should launch next month), the arcade, smilies and more. 

Wait, I can't log-in!  What happened?!  I'm scared!

Due to the special circumstances of the history of the previous board software, it was not feasible to migrate posts and users accounts to our new forum.  As such, we're all starting over.  This means, you will have to sign-up with a new user account.  Please  sign up with your previous name you had at the old forum and reintroduce yourself in the New Recruit Tunnel Drop.  That will make it easier for me to recognize previous members so I can re-promote you to your previous forum privileges.  If you wish to change your name after your account privileges have been restored, just let me know so I can perform the name change for you.

While we have to create new posts, I think this is a great opportunity to rebuild from the ground up with new threads, new users and new adventures for us all.  Excelsior!

Clover 03 Sam 03 Mandy 03 Alex 03 Britney 03

By the way, I want to note that I was just told that the PHP upgrade will happen one week from now on March 24th.  I didn't know when it was happening before.  They acted like it could happen at anytime, but I'm glad I got everything done way ahead of time.

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