The Gallery will be coming back in the near future.

Right now, the Gallery link on the navigation bar leads to a place holder.

I was going to try to launch the site with the Gallery restored and intact.  However, the free version of the MyBB gallery software is inadequate for what we need.  There is a "Pro" version, however, that should work.  I will buy the Pro version sometime in January and then work on restoring the Gallery after that.  Members will have the ability to upload to the Gallery again at that point.  Until then, please upload your fanart to the TS Fanart Collection forum.

Currently, I'm working on making a complete back-up of the old Gallery and should have that finished before the launch of the new website.
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I'm going to delay the new gallery for longer mostly because I spent a good deal of November and December working on the website, and I need a break.  Getting everything back up in the gallery is going to take a lot of work.  I'm not sure when we'll launch it, but I'll give you an update sometime in February.
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