User Drop Down Menu Bug [Solved: Update 3]

For some reason, a bug suddenly appeared (or I didn't notice it before), in which the drop down menu under your name jumps down on the page if you are scrolled down past the top.  For now, access this drop down menu when scrolled all the way to the top first.  I'm going to try to fix this, but I don't know about a timeline for that since I'm going to be busy over the holidays and I don't know what code screw up is causing it.  I may go ahead and add a direct User Control Panel link to the header menu as a hold over.


A User Control Panel link has been added to the header menu as a hold-over remedy until I can figure out how to fix this bug.  Might take me a while, because that drop down menu was something I had to make custom edits to place in the menu that moves down with the page.

Update 2:

To make some more room on the floating header menu with the added User CP link on it, I've moved the Search link to the top of the More drop-down menu on the right.

Update 3:

After multiple attempts to salvage that drop-down menu, I've decided to just axe it all together.  To make a long story short, that drop down menu didn't originally belong in the floating nav menu and getting it to float with the rest of the menu correctly was just too complicated for me to pull off right now.

So, instead, I've decided to add a Log-Out link next to your name that will appear when you are logged-in.  This link doesn't do anything but log you out.  Along with the User CP link next to the PM In-Box link, the drop-down menu has been made redundant anyways since all the stuff to change your avatar, etc. can be found in the User CP anyways.  Unless I change my mind, this should be a permanent change this time.

I've also fixed how the Search link was appearing in the More drop-down menu.  There were a few aesthetic errors there since I just plugged it in there quickly the other day.

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