Stephdumas TS fanarts.

My scanner from my 3-in-1 priter broke recently and I'll have to replace with a new one. 

Meanwhile, I'll remention some of my older TS fanarts then I mentionned in the older forum. ^^; 
Alex with dolphins.

Normy and Madison.

Jerry and M.O.M.

Mandy wearing a Japanese school uniform.

I repost that fanart of what I could call a deleted scene from the episode "Totally Dunzo".

Here a fanart of Sam with Mat, an original character from DA user Mat49324 then I did as a request.

Here Sam doing underwater yoga.

Edit: I got a new scanner. ^^;

Here one of Clover with pigtails meeting Penny Gadget.

We don't see often a fanart of the older Spies; Pam, Crimson and Alice, here one of Crimson.

Here a fanart of Clover ready to do scuba diving.

Here another fanart one of the older Spies, Pam.

This one is not made by me but it's in my favourites, the Spies in anime form.

Alex and Britney with some dolphims who aren't drawed perfectly I must confess. ^^;

Here Sam ready to do scuba diving.

After Clover and Alex, it's now Alex who's ready to do scuba diving.

Here Britney diving from a diving platform.

The Sailor Moon Redraw had become a popular meme. I tried to do a fanart of Clover shown in the same pose as Sailor Moon.

This one is not from me. I saw that TS fanart who was once on Deviantart but fortunately it was saved on the Wayback Machine.

I got a request of drawing the Clark Family from the Amazing Spiez where the kids do scuba diving and their parents do snorkeling.

Time for Sam to get the Sailor Moon Redraw treatment.

I completed the Totally Spies redraw with Alex unless you might want one of Britney as well. ;-)

I decided to do one of Britney but I used a different pose for this one.

Madison, the president's daughter from the TS episode "First Brat", have lots of fun to swim with Clover and she even do scuba diving.

Continuing with Madison, someone asked me a fancomic of Madison in a underwater peril.

And don't worry, the fancomic have an happy ending.

Here a fanart of M.O.M from Martin Mystery done in the Sailor Moon redraw style.

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