Stephdumas TS fanarts.

My scanner from my 3-in-1 priter broke recently and I'll have to replace with a new one. 

Meanwhile, I'll remention some of my older TS fanarts then I mentionned in the older forum. ^^; 
Alex with dolphins.

Normy and Madison.

Jerry and M.O.M.

Mandy wearing a Japanese school uniform.

I repost that fanart of what I could call a deleted scene from the episode "Totally Dunzo".

Here a fanart of Sam with Mat, an original character from DA user Mat49324 then I did as a request.

Here Sam doing underwater yoga.

Edit: I got a new scanner. ^^;

Here one of Clover with pigtails meeting Penny Gadget.

We don't see often a fanart of the older Spies; Pam, Crimson and Alice, here one of Crimson.

Here a fanart of Clover ready to do scuba diving.

Here another fanart one of the older Spies, Pam.

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