Stephdumas non-TS fanarts

I saved some old posts where I mentionned a collection of non-TS fanarts.

And since it's Christmas, here some older Christmas related fanarts then I did.

I once imagine how Sango from Inuyasha would look if she weared a WOOHP spysuit.

If the Blues win the Stanley Cup again you can be sure then Gloria from Pokemon will sing "Gloria". ;)

I don't know if there's lots of fans of Ochako from My Hero Academia but here Ochako wearing the WOOHP spysuit.

Scooby-doo is in good company of "Me and the boys": Rhino. Vulture, Electro and Green Goblin.

Lucy Van Pelt and Margaret from "Dennis the Menace" look at each other with suspicious eyes.

Here a drawing of a car for a little change, a 1980s Dodge Diplomat.

I don't know if they're some Gravity Falls fans here, but here a fanart where Dipper and Wendy give CPR lessons and Pacifica Northwest don't like that idea.

An I the only one who think then Lita alias Makoto Kino and Hilda from Pokemon are long lost twin sisters? That gived me this idea for a quick fanart.

Here a little fanart of Rei Hino swimming.

You might enjoy these "oldies", Cool McCool and Natasha Fatale
and Boris Badenov

Those aren't mine but requests then I asked a long time ago and fortunately who was saved on the Internet Archive aka Wayback Machine. ^_^;

There's also mirrored on

Here Bart Simpson forcing Johnny Test to write on the chalk board "Netflix should cancel Johnny Test".

The Boys of Marvel comics (Rhino, Vulture, Electro, Green Goblin) enjoy being in company of Snoopy alias Joe Cool.

Here a fanart of Cameron from Total Drama.

Bill Dauterive from King of the Hill

You might like the idea of a team-up of Team Rocket with "Me and the boys" of Spider-man.

After the Spies and M.O.M, here a fanart of Diana Lombard from Martin Mystery based on the Sailor Moon redraw pose.

Any fans of 6Teen who remember Ron the rent-a-cop?

Dipper from Gravity Falls is now in a triangle.

This one was a old request then I asked and I already mentionned before the forum get a new look but it might be worth to mention it again.

Another batch of old fanarts then I asked as a requests who was uploaded on the old forum like this fanart of Sam.  

[Image: 73a8c0ee3b19f97d1346b2f033ba7d9c7c5eba4b.jpg]

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