Stephdumas non-TS fanarts

I saved some old posts where I mentionned a collection of non-TS fanarts.

And since it's Christmas, here some older Christmas related fanarts then I did.

I once imagine how Sango from Inuyasha would look if she weared a WOOHP spysuit.

If the Blues win the Stanley Cup again you can be sure then Gloria from Pokemon will sing "Gloria". ;)

I don't know if there's lots of fans of Ochako from My Hero Academia but here Ochako wearing the WOOHP spysuit.

Scooby-doo is in good company of "Me and the boys": Rhino. Vulture, Electro and Green Goblin.

Lucy Van Pelt and Margaret from "Dennis the Menace" look at each other with suspicious eyes.

Here a drawing of a car for a little change, a 1980s Dodge Diplomat.

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